California judge rejects plea deal in Oakland warehouse fire


The two men accused negotiate, warehouse fire that, killed thirty six, partygoers in Oakland are headed to trial now KCBS. Gentle lane was in the courtroom yesterday is the, new direction in, the case was confirmed this comes after last week judge James. Kramer rejected plea deals for co-defendants. Max Harris and Derek Saying l. MENA did not show. True remorse for those thirty six deaths in the artist's home. In venue where he was master tenant before the December twenty sixteen fire now, attorneys are talking about getting the? Case to trial, probably, in early, twenty nine teen Curtis Briggs. Is defending max Harris interestingly enough we feel refreshed and excited because now we have an opportunity to prove the max Harris. Is, legally innocent in the meantime I'll Menez attorney Tony, Sarah will be arguing for a change of venue he believes. Media coverage means Alameda County jurors cannot be fair, they have an, opinion if, ninety, percent of the populace in Oakland, was asked do you think I'll maintenance. Guilty they. Would say yes. District attorney Nancy. O'Malley declined to comment but earlier this week she wrote to the judge that her office is prepared. To, take the case to

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