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Vegas She's kicked off a, residency in December so she's offering fans two kinds of shows, lady Gaga 'nigma will highlight. Her biggest and upbeat hits while lady Gaga jazz piano. Will feature more stripped down songs there a mirror of her career so far which Americans are. Spending furiously, but as AP's. Showy atler reports inflation is rising along with all. That by the government says consumer. Spending rose a solid point four percent in July that's, the sixth straight month of healthy gains the growth. Was fuelled by strong job growth and tax cuts at the same time a key, gauge of inflation, posted its sharpest annual gain in six years that, inflation rise in July after a, two point two percent jump in June was driven by rising energy prices, keeping an eye on inflation the fed has raised its key rate twice this year. It's projecting a total of four rate hikes for the full year with the next one expected next month Shelley, antler Washington Dairy cows are being. Fed seaweed to cut, down on, how much they burp and passed gas it's an attempt to, make cattle more, climate-friendly the university, of California Davis is. Studying whether adding small amounts of seaweed to. Cattlefeed can help reduce their emissions of methane a potent greenhouse. Gas that's released by, cattle and it seems to be working in a study this past spring researchers found methane emissions were. Reduced by more than, thirty percent in a dozen Holstein cows that ate the ocean, algae when it was mixed. Into their feed it was sweetened with molasses to disguise. The salty taste the researchers will conduct a six month study of a seaweed infused diet in. Beef cattle. Starting in, October When posting on most jobs sites you get candidates I'm the sales director sales driving sales director you're looking for but when, you posted indeed dot com you get the. Candidates just right for you I'm a sales director with an MBA over ten years experience who's also fluent.

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