Neil Diamond Thanks Colorado Firefighters With Private Concert


Conversation so, I there weren't enough Bartelson James jokes like he was disposed person for. The wine coolers back in the day I was assuming I was assuming they'd comes straight out with that right at the beginning. It was funny It is funny the comedy central roast the only problem I have is that, they'll they'll, diversify the day to to get as many different types, of people up there actors others and they had Dresen Joseph Gordon Levitt the MC I it's getting. To a point where you could tell all. Of their stuff is written by somebody else I think, that's why I like Nikki Glaser it always feels even if somebody else wrote her. Material she owns it and she makes it personal and you think it's, from her voice a lot of the times you get up there like Joseph Gordon Levitt you could tell he just reading something that. Some writers, wrote him about Bruce well did do a, movie with movie, loopers with, them and I I. Got the sense? That they were friends but you know for example Chicago comedian Lil rel. How was there And except for watching Bruce Willis movies, admitted on the day that he has zero connection to this whole thing human there were some people up there it's like why even. Their comedy, central star Edward Norton was on the desk, and he was, kind of, funny but like why. Is it north It didn't it didn't make any sense but, it was funny and like I said the clips are all on one gene naughty though we have a text question going today about celebrity crushes that you may. Have. Met and then you had a. Different impression after and just just I want to go on record Bruce Willis and Edward Norton both celebrity crushes. Wine that, did you meet them No not yet so they're just. Still really held high in my in my mind let me tell you having met, and interviewed both of them several times you're Bruce Willis crush would still be intact he is what you see is what, he is the Edward Norton one not so much Bruce Willis is my wife said last. Night to the reason he's he's continued to be a star. Is he's hot he's. High I don't see it, by I don't. See I don't see hotness the ball yeah but continues to be a sex symbol all, right, real quick. Neil diamond puts on a mini concert for firefighter years apparently been. In a raging fires in the where he lives I did not know. He lived in Colorado area but he does. And even though he went into retirement in January. Because he's been diagnosed, with Parkinson's disease Went to the, fire station and performed a. Mini concert for seventy people to say thank you to these firefighters for saving their community that's great basically a Neil. Diamond he. Looked great he sounded great. Bob Odenkirk shows. Up as better call Saul tattoo. I, saw the picture this great e they. Were meeting. With television. Critics the stars over the weekend and he was talking. About the new season of better call Saul and he wanted. To show the logo. Where people would remember it, and is a. Fake tattoo I think they'd looks like your fake deck too but it's on his buttocks Okay Pull his pants. Down His pants down to show offers better, call Saul buttocks tattoo which is probably a. Good time to announce I don't know if Steve mentioned it, to all of you but when, Steve is back tomorrow all of us are going to be required, to guess Steve Cochran tattoos on our buttocks are buttocks are lower hips have it's not as head because that takes up a lot of real estate would, be one. Full cheek at least and finally on a much more, serious note news. Today less moon Vesa the story that came out running pharaoh story about sexual misconduct allegations CBS is. Dealing with this today how about this Ronan Farrow by the way because he's the one that broke, the Harvey Weinstein story And now. He breaks this other story about the the CEO of, CBS. Les, Moonves about sexual allegation charges that have been leveled against him CBS. Today is forming a committee to decide. What they're going to do they. Have hired an independent law firm that will be conducting the investigation about, this and they're going to decide whether or. Not he should step aside while this investigation goes forward but, has acknowledged in a statement that, he made advances toward women decades ago but he said. That he, always understood that no means no inside he'd never hindered anybody's career as a result so very interesting we'll see the developments play out today Dean Richards thanks, see you. Tomorrow area, go Dean Richards here on seven twenty WGN, we'll take a. Break at the news and coming up Heather Sharon we'll talk about the plans for federal oversight for. Chicago police reform very interesting story that happened Friday night the mayor and the attorney general Lisa Madigan States at a press conference. Will it happen we'll find out here seven twenty WGN Chicago's premier podcast collection what's going on with WGN plus. It's two thousand. Eighteen and things are much different than, the old, day, so what's changed about. Protester etiquette John cast let's knows, thoughts about. It the corner store is covering everything culture and diversity, with. This, year's Bantu fest in Hyde Park dog thin Humpty you're trying to. Get over some daddy issues just look. Up WGN pas I tunes and, Google play Baseball is about stats and figures at wintrust we're? About numbers to? Like the number of hot dogs sold the Wrigley field each. Game seventeen thousand that's a?.

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