California wildfires kill eight, burn quarter-million acres


News Radio I'm Mark Mayfield the California wildfires have claimed the lives of eight people the car. Fire burning in reading California has, killed. Six people including two firefighters it's currently the largest wildfire in the state has its consumed over one hundred and three thousand acres and it's only. Twenty three, percent contained the Ferguson fire near Yosemite national park has also claimed the lives of two firefighters that blazers burned through nearly fifty. Seven thousand acres the felony trial former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort starts Tuesday, in, Alexandria, Virginia Angela Anderson has more Manafort has pleaded not. Guilty to numerous, charges of Bank and, tax fraud and failure to file reports on foreign financial accounts special counsel Robert. Muller's team is prosecuting Manafort though the charges are not directly related to Russian. Interference for the two thousand sixteen, presidential election while. There is operating under, a broad mandate as special counsel in the. Russia probe meantime Manafort faces a second criminal trial in Washington DC later this year. Angela Anderson NBC News Radio North. Korea may be working, on new missiles that could carry a nuclear Warhead to the US the Washington. Post reports that US intelligence agencies think that. One or two intercontinental ballistic missiles could be under construction and a factory where North Korea has previously, made missiles that can reach the east coast of the US the. US and North Korea are currently working on plans for the possibility of North Korea getting rid of its nuclear weapons CBS is asking an outside. Agency to investigate alleged misconduct by, its. Employees last week the New Yorker published an article in which six women claim they were sexually harassed by CBS CEO Leslie moved this however these. CBS board, of directors did not mention moon-less directly in the investigation it did postpone the annual shareholder meeting that was scheduled for August the. Tenth shares have CBS stock were down six percent Friday and another five percent, on, Monday, and Canada Dry is being sued for the apparent. Lack of ginger, in their ginger ale, a federal lawsuit was filed in Buffalo New York claiming that candidate apparent coup.

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