Homeland Security cyber unit on alert for Election Day


Different from the politicians that I'm running against traveling across the state I found. Tennessee and you're looking for a conservative and outsider and I'm the only. Candidate running who's both of those things I build Lee I'd be honored to, have your vote paid for by building for. Tennessee Fred Di Cosimo treasurer homeland security is launching a cyber unit to protect against hacks into sensitive systems including elections and utility we, can tell, you that we've. Rounded a corner last year was the worst ever in terms of cyber attack valium the. Headline seems never ending and not to be the Debbie Downer but I think we'll, continue to see that this year homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen it appears the unit will be busy Facebook says it has uncovered. A sophisticated. Effort to influence the outcome of the twentieth eighteen midterm elections on its Facebook and Instagram sites White House chief of staff John, Kelly, is telling. His staff that he's accepted the president's invitation for him to remain on the, job through the twenty. Twenty elections former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort fraud trial is underway with jury selection in Alexandria Virginia Wall Street. Buoyed by reports of new u. s. China trade talks to avoid a, trade war the Dow was up one.

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