L.A prosecutors declined to pursue sex abuse charges against Moonves


Detectors undetected swat teams bomb sniffing dogs brought into Schenectady, today they check out a number of city and county buildings after vague threat was discovered on a note. City hall the county courthouse several other government. Buildings evacuated over a period, of a, couple of hours buildings were searched but Nothing dangerous was found a note was found on the avenue side of the Schenectady. County office. Building, and the contents of that note led to the evacuation, and search, all buildings and roads have been reopened CBS chief less Munoz won't face any, criminal charges in Los Angeles over a decades old sexual abuse case and acquaintance of Moonves went to the. Police in February to tell them about three incidents that happened in the eighties involving the CEO CBS prosecutors tell NBC, news at the statute of limitations has expired they're. Not, pursuing the case moon vez the, focus of a recently published article in which he's accused of inappropriate behavior and the CBS board of directors. Say there are looking for outside counsel to investigate WGN news time five oh five. Good update on Wall Street let's get the latest in. The Bloomberg market minute this Bloomberg market minute on WGN. Wise presented by Boucher financial group for CFP's one CPA, this is expertise. You can trust stocks advanced on hopes for dialing back of trade tensions. The Dow Jones, industrial Rose one. Hundred eight points or four tenths percent to twenty five thousand four fifteen the. NASDAQ gained forty two points or half a percent the s. and p. five hundred closed up thirteen points. Also half a percent the Federal Reserve opened its two day policy meeting Marc Chandler of Brown brothers Harriman is confident there will be no interest rate hike gradual mean it does not mean rate hike back to back meeting since the fed began. Raising rates in December twenty fifteen only readers rates whether the. Press conference scheduled Chandler is hoping the. Statement released by the fed tomorrow makes mention of some recent weakness in the housing sector the latest case Schilder report says that in may home prices in twenty big markets were up, six and, a half percent from may. Of last year the crude oil futures fell to. Sixty eight dollars and seventy six cents a barrel in New York today from.

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