US aims to crush Iran oil sector in next wave of sanctions


Claim spree, and the US is once again, taking aim at Iran's economy, reimposing sanctions on Tehran. I'm John Evans CBS news, covers the world next What's happening and, why, KCBS AM. FM and HD. One San Francisco Oakland San. Jose Twelve o'clock This is CBS news on the hour presented by Liberty. Mutual insurance I'm Jim. Shanavie, tough UN economic sanctions against Iran have gone back into effect. This morning that is US economic Satit President Trump vowing to pressure to run back to the bargaining table to renegotiate what he described as a terrible deal reached with the Obama administration BBC correspondent. John Sopo this sanctions will hit you rounds car industry trade in gold and, precious metals and the ability to purchase US currency in foreign exchange markets from November twenty eighteen sanctions will be extended and they'll target Iran's crucial. Oil industry but from Tehran defiance. Plus custody Kasim was a Trump and his government are the ones who rejected negotiations have turned their back. On diplomacy President Trump. Always maintained it gave around far too much for too little. In return he signed a new packet of measures warmly welcomed by allies in. The region regains will be back on the stand later this morning in, that, Alexandria Virginia The. Trial of his former boss Paul Manafort Manafort a former campaign chairman. For Donald Trump faces. Charges of Bank fraud and tax evasion CBS Paula Reid gates said he conspired with Manafort to falsify tax returns knowingly failed to report foreign Bank accounts and failed to register Manafort as a foreign agent gates also admitted he embezzled from his boss something manafort's attorneys. Had alleged for months I added money to expense reports and created expense reports, that were not accurate said to pad his salary by several hundred thousand dollars it was already the biggest wildfire in California this fire season now. It's the biggest in state history. The Mendocino complex wildfire has scorched more than two hundred eighty three thousand acres and destroyed at least seventy. Five homes correspondent Steve. Futterman there is no estimate when fire crews may gain control. Over this fire it's grown rapidly the last few days the official number of. Acres burned right now two hundred eighty three thousand acres more than thirty, nine Eight, hundred fire personnel are battling this fire both on. The ground and from the air the Broward County Florida sheriff's office. Has released a transcript of the confession given by parkland high school shooting suspect nNcholas crews. And later today will be releasing a video. Of that WFL RTD's Kerry cod crews. Had other plans to murder including an idea a week before the shooting it's domain Douglas to shoot up a park Curzio said you. Were going to start shooting people at the, park crew said. Yeah Curzio said and did you have. A city picked out from what park he wanted to do crews nodded his head no Curzio said no what kept and crews replied. I didn't want to do it Shelvin teen people died in the park. Land attack most of them students on, Wall Street the Dow gained thirty nine to..

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