World War II plane crash kills 20 on board, operator suspends operations


She lost her. Life because of a people relatives. Say the six PM vigil will be at the site of the attack Nancy hardy NewsRadio on one. Zero five point nine FM AM news time three thirty three around the world of Incheon a vintage plane suddenly crashes, and the Alps people, were killed when a vintage World War Two propeller plane crashed into a mountainside eight thousand, feet high in the Swiss Alps the German built aircraft from nineteen thirty nine was returning, passengers dessert after a two-day break at a resort a witness said the plane suddenly fell to the ground mica stone there. Was no distress signal and, weather conditions were good an investigation, is underway but the. Plane did not have a black box voice recorder Larry Miller CBS news Military. Leaders in, South Carolina preparing for rising sea levels while partisans to speed whether it's the effective global warming the post and career. Of Charleston reports the Marine Corps training grounds on Paris island needs a seawall roads near Charleston's coastguard station swamp when heavy rain. And high tides and stone reinforcements were. Installed to protect a runway from erosion former military leaders were gathered. Tuesday at the citadel for a conference on sea level and security. Temperatures are soaring in Portugal and Spain into the triple. Digits in Portugal west, of Lisbon Canadian tourists Paul Snell says he was suffering in. The, heat it's there We were from Canada and never. Felt like this before hot dusty conditions across Spain and Portugal are the result of a massive. Hot air from Africa that have increased the risk of forest fires there, more than seven, hundred firefighters. Were still battling a forest fire near a popular. Tourist destination And in New York City bus driver whose passengers say was driving. Erratically before he hit something is facing. Charges now including driving while intoxicated authorities say the twenty four year old driver had nine passengers on the bus early today in Brooklyn police say the passengers call the thirties after the bus came in contact with something that brought it to a stop no one on the bus was injured Grupo carso British. Children's entertainer very chuckle who is one half of the, chuckle brothers comedy duo has died at the age of. Seventy three his manager says chuckle whose real name was very Elliott died at his home from an. Undisclosed illness he and his. Younger brother Paul became icons to British.

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