Angelina Jolie Making Divorce So Hostile, Her Lawyer is Quitting


Never, you'll never see it all the plus size models like her everything. Everything's big, but not their head. Their heads never big. It's just they have a wide hips. So the heads, the same size heads, the same signs, it's clinically known as Kirstie alley, yes, in the world and see the plus size ladies. They got a plus size hat on them. Come on, dove have be be progressive enough to give me bucket head, and then I will. I will plot to you. But if you're going to give me sculpted cheeks and just a wide asked, then that's a hot chip with a wide size angry. I didn't think it was going to that angry. Explain all this to my daughter at home. Sorry, Angelina Jolie's divorce from Brad Pitt has gotten so nasty that her lawyer is calling it quits. So is this to urge? No Angelina Jolie's nuts, right. This is this is Joe Lee was damaged at some point. Something happened. I don't. She was molested. I don't know what has she had a crazy parent's her cutting on herself and having suicidal thoughts and stuff like there's something going, she was seventeen Malibu. Oh, did she. No, no. Where she grew not Malibu, she she grow, but but something happened to her that made her into this. I'm gonna cut on my self. I'm gonna blood. I'm going to. I'm going to be suicidal thoughts and whatever. That is the greatest thing ever on the first night you have sex with it right it. But later on when the divorce papers are filed, it is the worst. It's still there. It's all coming out and that it's the greatest sex ever for however long. But when the wheels come off, they really come on really come on into this sources. Tell TMZ that Angie's out for blood wants to kill any relationship. Brad has with the kids and insider says, the actress goat fueled with anger and has gotten ridiculously unreasonable. TMZ celebrity divorce lawyer. Laura Wasser has already let Angie know that she's leaving because things have gotten to venomous. God bless her, but this is why you wanna be with MRs. Garrett type Shirley? Yeah. I mean, we were often on in the early nineties, and when we went our separate ways, we, we disagreed to disagree. We're still left with what you came in. It wasn't all over the tabloids I know about it. She lawyer up. There was no wasn't vitriolic very clean break. That makes sense. She says, apparently, now the divorce is nowhere near settling. It's more like war. It can go no other, I think he should hire. Hi, Rudy Giuliani? Yeah. I mean, that's a good. Good. Yeah. That's good for. Well, Russia has appointed Steven Seagal a special Representative on US Russian humanitarian ties in its nouncement on point Russia in its announcement on Facebook. The Russian foreign ministry said, quote, the task is to promote the further development of Russian American relations in the humanitarian sphere, including interaction in the field of culture, art, public, and youth exchanges and more. Feel with Steven Seagal. Yeah. Yeah. He's gonna rush twenty. Who by the way Stevens? Oh, was even. Wow. Maybe. See, yeah. Apparently he's a longtime supporter of Putin. He said I've always had a very strong desire to do all I can to help improve Russian American relations. I've worked tirelessly in this direction for many years. Unofficially and now very grateful for the opportunity to do the same thing officially. All right. So now that Rodman is working on North Korea. Over there saying we got it, everything's Michael Vincent is going to work with Iraq or who what other crazy celebrity dams phone's ringing. Crazy. Well, I was thinking more of Gary Busey. Work things out with Iraq or something like that. Let's we, we're obviously we're purging ourselves of crazy celebrities where sending all these parts on known for some reason seems to be a little bit effective like I don't know. Yeah. Like I think that might be the plan. We, we don't need these celebrities anymore. Steven Seagal up a young pictures. Now he's his hair, looks like when you pass the beauty parlor and the six year old women are are getting their hair died, but it's still in the foil across their forehead and they don't, you know, they're going to rinse it out or whatever looks to wear. Now. That's what his hair looks like full time from galaxy quest. Now you guys can make fun all you want..

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