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The live from NPR news in Washington. I'm korva Coleman. The Labor Department says July's unemployment rate fell to three point nine percent at the same time. One hundred fifty, seven thousand jobs were created. The agency also revised upward job gains for prior months. Meanwhile, China's says it is poised to impose billions of dollars worth of new tariffs on American exports, NPR's or Berliner pass more. This is definitely an escalation of tit for tat at China. Now says it is prepared to impose tariffs on sixty billion dollars of US America of American goods. This only would follow if the Trump administration goes ahead with its threat to impose tariffs of perhaps as high as twenty five percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods. NPR's oria Berliner, former Michigan State University sports. Dr. Larry Nassar is appealing conditions of his sentencing hearing today. Day he's asking for a. Different judge than the one who sentenced him two decades in prison hundreds of women say he sexually. Assaulted them Michigan public radio's shayna Roth has more Larry Nassar sentencing hearing went on for seven days seven days in which more than one hundred women and young girls told the stories. Of how Nassar, abused them upon handing down. The. Sentence judge Rosemarie Aquilina said I'm just find yourself warranted Nassar's attorneys say comments like this show aqua Lena was biased. They say she should be. Taken off the. Case and a different judge should decide whether Nassar may be resentenced the state attorney general's office argues that Nassar got a fair hearing it. Says judge aqua Lena was allowed to be harsh and voice the. Communities quote moral outrage for NPR news I'm shayna Roth in Lansing Michigan the world held organization warns Yemen may be on the brink of. A major, new cholera epidemic Lisa Shlein reports from Geneva the WHO fears this new. Outbreak may be worse than previous ones because of the weakened condition of the population following more than three years of civil war Yemen. Has had two major waves of cholera epidemics in recent years. WHO expert pita Salama says a steady increase in cases over the past, weeks suggest Yemen may be on the cusp of a third wave he says people are at great risk of getting ill because they are. Severely malnourished what we're, likely to see is even Even higher death rates among the color of cases that do occur because people. Just don't have the physical resources to fight the disease any longer. WHO is, appealing to the warring parties to stop fighting for three days so, it, can begin an oral cholera. Vaccination campaign in northern Yemen, on. Saturday for NPR news I'm Lisa shine in Geneva on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average. Is up fifty two points. At twenty five. Thousand three hundred seventy nine the NASDAQ is down twelve at seventy seven ninety this is NPR from news I'm Tiffany Cam high local air. Regulators are issuing an air advisory today through Sunday warning that wins. Could push smoke from the Mendocino complex fire and Lake County into the bay area especially the north bay changing wind patterns will continue to. Be a, challenge for firefighters but meteorologist Jan null says the temperatures will come down. A little cubby conditions over the decks Dixie days are are. Not going to be as extremists we saw, about a week ago maybe it's go to ward back up again the the temperatures are going to be you know into the low. One hundred's dotted you the kid sort of raised so getting a bit of a. Respite meanwhile team from the national weather service and Cal fire have begun investigating the large firewall. Or fire tornado that ripped through a section. Of reading a week ago in the early stages of the massive car fire as science editor Daniel. Benton tells us they released some preliminary findings winds. Were in excess of one. Hundred forty three miles per hour when an out of control fire generated its own weather system last week torching neighborhoods and reading that's the equivalent of an f two tornado considered significant. On the scale used for. Tornadoes the winds were strong enough to crumple high-tension powerline. Towers uproot trees and tear, the roofs off homes the team will be issuing a full report But according to a Cal fire spokesman there is no estimate yet of when I'm Daniel Vinton KiKi Dee news there's..

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