2018 elections: Polls closed in Ohio and Kansas, most of Michigan


Of the downtown area some one inch plus totals from some slow moving storms will once again, today see some stray thunderstorms around drifting off. To the west into the south west where they do occur dumping some heavier rain Fall low nineties out there today upper seventies tonight less. Storm coverage, for. Tomorrow high of ninety two I'm Scott Lawrimore the Weather Channel it is sunny ninety one feels like one hundred at the KTAR h Westside northside Lexus weather center. Love thirty one our top story, the chambers county, sheriff says the body of forty. Six year old officer John Beasley was found not, far from his home this, morning he died of a self inflicted gunshot sub tropical storm Debby s formed in. The North Atlantic but it will not threaten Texas primaries are underway in, four states today along with a special congressional election in Ohio voters. Head to the polls in Michigan Kansas Missouri and Washington to select candidates for November's midterm elections Beantown much attention is focused on Ohio's twelfth district congressional race, where Republican Troy baldur's faces democrat Danny O'Connor The confession from the shooter. In that parkland Florida high school, shooting is now made public. In a transcript, of the confession the shooter. Admitted he went. To. The campus on Valentine's Day with. A rifle and killed. Seventeen people first wave of US sanctions on Iran are in place the sanctions. Had been suspended. By the two. Thousand fifteen nuclear Greenman but snap back into place at a minute after. Midnight eastern time on Wall Street the Dow is now up. One fifty eight the NASDAQ up twenty five s. and. P..

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