Researchers interpret new experimental data aimed at showing dark matter interacts with ordinary matter


You remember going to Sern couple years ago now and when they were talking about the the discovery of the Higgs bows on the confirmation when the key elements in that discussion wasn't that they, they didn't observe the Higgs bows on directly. They saw the decay products inference. Yeah, and so they are used MU on decay to sort of track back that the Higgs boson occurred. And this week Sern announced that they doubly confirmed in a different decay pattern because Higgs bows on supposedly has more than one decay pattern that what we saw. So what they tracked was actually a bottom antibody court. Decay pattern. Yeah, but naming pattern in in court. Pretty great. We haven't talked about charm corks very much here on on the podcast, but. The standard model predicts something like fifty to sixty percent of Higgs boson decays I think it's fifty. Seven percent would decay in this bottom antibody quirk. Pattern and they finally saw it. So this does just confirm more aspects of the standard model. And if you remember most of that trip, they were like looking for ways to break the standard model of physics. This adds the confirmation, but they're hoping that it's just another point along the way to breaking it.

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