Democratic Lieutenant Governor Primary Debate


Neighborhood network in partnership with the league of women voters of New York stain. Got them use that presents race to represent a Emon election initiative. Hello. I'm Ben max executive editor of Gotham gazette. New York voters will head to the polls on Thursday, September thirteenth for party primary elections in many statewide and local races, including certain party nominations largely on the democratic side for governor attorney general and members of both houses of the New York state legislature also on the democratic primary ballot will be the choice for Lieutenant governor. Today. We're pleased to bring you the first televised debate in the race for the democratic nomination for Lieutenant governor between the two candidates running including the incumbent Lieutenant governor is the second highest ranking official in state government with constitutional duties, including to serve as president of the state Senate and to serve as acting governor. When the governor's out of state the Lieutenant governor becomes governor in the event of the governor's death impeachment or resignation. The race to be the democratic nominee for Lieutenant governor has been closely watched contest and contentious as we head toward the September boat. In just a minute, you'll hear from both candidates on a wide range of issues, including they're very different visions for the role of Lieutenant governor. What they see as major issues facing New York and what they plan to do about them if elected. So let's get to the debate. Joining me are the democratic candidates for Lieutenant governor of New York. The challenger New York City councilmember Jimani Williams, and the incumbent Lieutenant governor Kathy Hoke will. So thank you both very much for being here start with you council member Williams, and we're going to alternate who gets to answer the questions. First council member Williams, you're applying for the job of Lieutenant governor. How do you describe that role? I thank you been for being the moderate for this debate thing. And then for opening this space, I have this question. Thank was hopeful for joining us for this discussion. What I suspect is going to happen. The next thirty minutes is a fundamentally different vision and perception of what the Lieutenant governor's office is can and should be for most Lieutenant governors, including the one I'm debating the Lieutenant governor's office has been one that simply does what the governor says to do for lack of. Terminology is the heirs and the voice and the eyes of the governor. I reject that and I believe that tenant governor's office should be the is the voice and the eyes of the people of the state of New York. I, I believe the job is to serve the people of the state of New York and not any governor. Now, Lieutenant governor should work and partner with the governor, whether it's he or hopefully she when the doing the work of the people of the state of New York productively. But when they're not when the governor says, we have universal Excelsior program, but only three percent of students have it on the governor says that we're banning frac gas, but we have a building plans to have frat gas, come into the state. Someone has to step up stand out and have the courage to say the emperor has no clothes, and that we actually lip service is not matched up with actions. You and the ten governor HOGAN. Can you describe the role, ten governor as you see it delighted to again, thank you. Into my challenge money Williams council member. Thank you for being here today. Very simply. The role of tenant governor officially is to be experienced prepared to step in to serve as governor should the need arise. You also preside over the New York state Senate as its president. But four years ago, the people of the state of New York elected me to be a partner with governor Cuomo because basically they want us to get things done and I'm proud of the record of accomplishment, ripe able to champion causes as the only woman in statewide office that are near and dear to my heart, fighting for women's reproductive rights, ensuring that we have workplaces in college campuses where women can be free from sexual assault and harassment increasing the minimum wage because the majority of minimum wage earners are women, many single heads of household also fighting the heroine opioid crisis, where I personally know the pain is someone who lost a nephew just a few years ago. So I have been launched into an opportunity to. In partnership with the governor, but to use my voice and I sure the council member as a strong Amon, I do not do it. Men tell me to do. I am an independent strong woman and always have been

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