Cuomo, Nixon argue over who is bigger Trump critic at NY gubernatorial debate


The only caveat If God. Strikes me dead Is I will serve four years governor of Nixon, pledged to forego a salary but she wants saying she'd only accept a dollar Cuomo spent much of the, early portion of the debate criticizing President Trump saying he was the biggest threat to New. Yorkers and is attacking everything. We believe at the moment Cuomo has a big lead. Over Nixon, to the polls for many the questions running the debate could Nixon throw, Cuomo office game force mistaken maybe make up some ground. Before the primary democratic analyst Morgan hook says he doesn't think Nixon to cavalry fan because. You didn't give any undecided Democrats. Reason to support our campaign. Hook says for Democrats everywhere the, number one. Issue this season Donald Trump the only person who talked about. Donald Trump was Andrew Cuomo not only did he talk about going after Trump. And being hard on Trump he then cited examples of where he has done it and Cynthia Nixon spent the entire time attacking Andrew

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