'Zombieland 2' a go with Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin


This news back in january a listener was at a thing with woody harrelson woody harrelson say this was happening so just letting you know there's no exclusive we have this news awhile ago it's coming back zombie land to everyone's returning emma stone woody harrelson jesse eisenberg abbott abigail breslin a lot of oscars in that category oscar nomination i think all four of them have oscar nominations does what do you have an oscar nam i think he for people for people versus larry flint i think i was three billboards yeah yelling for three billboards to and abigail breslin has one as well but she was much younger jesse eisenberg has social network emma stone one and oscar so ethically never thought about that it's a starstudded cast their zombie lend to and this comes on the heels of we talked to rawson thurber talked about not forcing sequels like telling the whole story like he told his much about dodge balls he possibly could i think this doesn't fall on that i think zombie land there were so many more samis at the end of the movie so i think there's potential for you know to expand their story but you know it's a matter of how good the script is in its witty like the other one i mean zombie was such surprise when it came out it was so enjoyable the visuals were like when they put the rules up on the screen it was a fun movie so i just as fun because again cast is great this is probably the only zambia related content this and the last of us too even though they're not technically these that i'm looking forward to because i feel like the zone be trend is at its dime breasts slowly being carried out by what's tv show the walking dead that people somehow still watch yet hate it the biggest fans hate the walking dead i feel like i it seems like every cyclical every couple years you have a monster that's very popular two thousand eight vampires came onto the scene with twilight vampires suck parody movie all these other vampire related properties go back to nineteen ninetytwo yet interview at the vampire null those anne rice novels around round vampires see had vampires are hot for few years and then it shifted into zombies so the question is wins wins frankenstein's monster get his moment he did not like these he got the aaron eckert one which is i frankenstein hey maybe the dark universe comes back maybe he does get his moment yeah yeah that's a little bit different than general types like vampires zombies vampires you can't have one frankenstein he's like a patchwork monster fracas actually is technically zombie so i just kind of do mean flurry consigns monster frankenstein's monster so i think i just kind of owned myself there that's a that's a cellphone rule if if a conversation involving frankenstein the name bring sign takes place in nobody corrects the person his frankenstein's monster the conversation is invalid shitty person correct the other person yeah i took on that role but yes we're definitely happy about zombie zombie to right so that makes me let the last samba land zombie land one and folks they're making a zombie land origin story starring billy dee williams you wanna know what it's called what zombie landau.

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