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August thirty first. Twenty twenty one. My name is jack. O'brien ak i you didn't say the magic word That is courtesy of suburban. panic attack. From jack rasic park. And i'm thrilled to be joined as always by my co host mr miles so faded his nada stop but he cries cries cries while he's in his card thinking if there's nothing missing from his five than small out About five minutes ago. Did you shot. Look part of my Like mental health Like sort of journey. I'm going on is trying to social media less and less saw. Check the discord check. My mentioned see what's going on there. And then i kind of go back to doing other work. And then right before my own shit on aka and sometimes i just try and force myself to get creative. There was y'all to the to Is a beautiful one. I think one of the hit songs of The year two thousand a whole chunk. There's a lot that we didn't get to on our live show but a lot of good stuff. There's a lot to talk about that year. A lot of never criticizing. Yeah yeah. I think you can still watch it on. Vod dot com slash the daily zeitgeist for another couple of days. You eat a lot of fun while miles. We are thrilled to be joined in air. Third seat by one of our favorite guests. Here on deasy She's a brilliant talent brighter and podcast for publications like the new york times the yorker. The new york review of books and g. q. Was a staff writer at grant land The co host of the legendary protests girls in hoodies nightfall and the host of the upcoming legendary podcast. Heidi world the heidi fleiss story ilise. Welcome back to this show. Molly lambert molly lambert aka. How mao No mojo mo in. Yeah malia north. Hollywood that's exactly exactly the lord the lord of lankershim the fucking the magnolia maven miles. There is a fashion spread with kendall january in l. magazine where it was like kendall jenner modeling. The newest fall fashions in her hometown on the streets of her hometown. And there's a big spread where you can clearly see a street sign for sherman way. Okay she is such a usurper to the valley name. He's been there. You know. I will west valley westbound. Yeah and i get that and like and those are the kinds of people who started act like not in the valley sometimes things she got the or whatever the the tequila brand ula. The appropriating thinks he's actually been on sherman way though photograph i just. I was shocked that she you know. Sherman way sherman ways not glamorous sherman way as for alleyways. Thank you so funny about. It is that i thought it was going to be her on like rodeo and then it was like oh no. They rarely sugar in the valley right early in her hometown. By the calabasas common snowden away fan. Yeah come on. She's lost hill shutout. Do the north. Hollywood van is people in vietnam and central to the humble parts of the valley miles originate from what's up with just living day by day. We lost his the same as hidden hills. Is that now. They're maybe. I think lost hills is a road that takes you to hidden. I got it can exit for sure. Yeah i think about it. When i'm driving to malibu because i go through the valley because there's always those parts you go buy things like i'm never getting off this on this off ramp all until we get invited to drake's house for a party right exactly in when he raps about like hidden hills. I just love it just so funny to me and then there are also just kinda like calabasas from the part of the valley were from like. We're like okay hitting he'll okay calabasas like soft out there right to hear like rappers like big enough that area. It's kind of like. Oh that's right. that's the that's your retire. Members all move to the valley is what's fun. Yeah like ice. Cube lived in encino times. Time went to school for awhile and feel like snoop move to like chatsworth which was really funny. Yeah but again. It's like you can get you can get more house for your money and remember the stallion heirs. Who are on. I love your york. I remember they were living right there off. Canoga i would see them at the at the jerry's deli right there. All the time stallion real. I love at first in peace. I think to real. Yeah i mean the the conflict between real valley people and The hidden hills valley. People is the kind of central conflict of the great american text. Karate kid oh four. I mean that's more that's also like right. Encino versus like van nuys is. He's supposed to live in van. Nuys received recede iran. I just thought it'd be for the first time like pretty recently and i was shocked. How good it is. it's yes stands up podcast for five seconds called dorm cannon where i was just gonna watch every guy movie but i did a really good podcast with my friend. Karen tong son. Who's going to be on. Heidi world about karate kid because she was like. Oh it's like a queer woman growing up in Outside los angeles and like riverside county like this movie spoke to me so much. I just wanted to be daniels on so badly. Like are part of the valley. If there was a party in calabasas the kids went to school out. There prayed that us kids didn't hear about this housework. These fucks just showed up cross throughout the bridge and tunnel. That's even in the valley and then everybody else considered just keep us. We're finding respectable. We can hold our heads high. We didn't grow up in. Beverly hills karate kid and rocky both gave me a complex where i thought it was glorious to get the shit beat out of you. Oh protagonists in. Both of those just got the shit kicked out of them constantly raging ball. You could do a whole Yeah triple feet serve worried these men you know who mainly to get the shit kicked out you just jack jack and.

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