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New year sometime suit in Michigan. Alumni? Store with just four. Well, I still listen to it. The sarcastic maybe hard by your auditor, but football coach. Thank you cro-. Appreciate the conversation from Camby are out in San Francisco. Coaches today. You know, you look at cliff kings vary whose let go by Texas Tech. Right. I think I read that earlier, man. It's what have you done for me lately? It's not your name. It really is. Jim Harbaugh was brought in to take Michigan back the championship glory. And that's a process that would be you would own the rivalry with Ohio State. Reclaim that Michigan state. And now Notre Dame has been reintroduced. To michigan. Good rivalry. They have three of them and even Penn State. Michigan is good and Penn State, Wisconsin or Michigan Wisconsin along with Penn State, but you get paid to win and Jim Harbaugh had two opportunities in Columbus. We're going in most thought that they had the better roster two thousand and sixteen in two thousand eighteen. They blew it in two thousand and sixteen. They didn't blow it today. State owned that game start to finish. They were better prepared. They seem to be more motivated and their coaches outcoached Harbaugh and his staff in Harbaugh needs to modernize his offense. He needs to upgrade his philosophy. I'll even watch Sabin evolve at Alabama with tour in a mobile quarterback. Not running as much, but he doesn't have to when he for sixteen as as they just hammered all burn in the iron bowl down in Alabama. Jim Harbaugh Dom Brown? Why didn't they in their two biggest games of two thousand eighteen and I'm talking about Michigan football? They looked unprepared with an entire offseason when they face Notre Dame in their opener and in their regular season. Finale. They looked unprepared. That's on the coaches. I get players executing. I get their tight end Zach gentry out of New Mexico dropping three balls that really changed that game. At least an eleven point swing. I get it. You can put it on players. But it is up to coaches who make millions to make adjustments and also have gained plans where they're not doing the same thing where Haskins Ohio State quarterback said I was looking my chops. Because I know they don't change. And I know what they're going to run, and we can tear that number one defense of parts. And they did it. So many opponents have talked about how predictable Michigan was on offense and defense, and yes, they have some tough. Interior guys in linebackers who could knock the snot out of you. But can they cover a guy out of the backfield or crossing route with somebody running a four four one or four three nine? Speed wins. Big boys up front offense of line defensive line linebackers who can get to the ball linebackers who can cover safeties who can get to the quarterback corners who can come off a blindside blitz and disruptive play. The blueprint for success rise with dabble and most importantly with Nick Sabin. And with urban Meyer. Just run that spread. And why Harbaugh has a modernized as offense is beyond me. And it's the biggest reason. Why he hasn't been able to beat the big boys and Don Brown today was massively outcoached to the point that Ohio State. Got to sixty two. On the number one defense in college football. But when you go inside the numbers, and you look at the quality wins for Michigan. I get ten and two nice. I get a possible appearance in the Rose Bowl or a major New Year's day bowl awaits them. But you look at the quality wins this year. Penn State at home. Northwestern were they trailed seventeen nothing. That's.

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