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We've got to find a my your own time yeah and it was it was if he wasn't going to be look that he is going to get a chance to show what he can do all he along with other draft eligible players from oklahoma will work out at the team's pro day on wednesday so all right set to go to the school throw dan anybody that has i'm on the board is going to go see in norman okla home and watch him workout but again he's another one of these guys where if he was on the board already at the combine in on people's radar i prayed may think this guy could very well be the best running back in the draft yeah i've i've heard it more multiple times weekend jill makes is the best running back in the draft the question is where we go will someone actually take a chance to take him yeah some people are saying low first round maybe a high second rounds but with the you know with the miss conduct and the video all being out there of the punch to that woman's face caught on video how that there are some thinking that maybe it's even three or four because you know round three around for round five if it does it's worth giving him a shot because of a doesn't work out i mean if you draft him in the first or second round then you are really you're balancing said this kid and you better hope that it all works out but either way he's going to get a chance to perform for the scouts and the team's on wednesday where people open arms would tie retail was drafted in the fifth round for the chiefs it i know but i've annoyed one because again fifth round it was ints maybe for a minute or two yeah someone said something and then you start producing on the field everyone forgot about everybody forgot about it but he will have a chance as well chad kelly jim tallies nephew adam old mess well also had some transgressions a couple.

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