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One a one point five with the music comes out to play and we hope your I go to NJ one one five dot com which you and check out my page because I got a I got a whole bunch of good stories on there that you will definitely like starting with the idea yeah I was kind of outlandish but could you imagine like a wave at you I many could actually play for the eagles eagle eye manning I ironical data getting a lot of feedback people getting very upset with me I showered after I wrote the article I couldn't believe it Todd Frazier inspired this year's L. more a little league team and we wish them the best of luck we got an airplane passenger playing rock paper scissors with you know with the worker it's really funny and my dad will love this we can finally eat at New Jersey funeral homes and see me in my remote do get it out I right now talking about the cherry hill school district two was fourteen thousand three hundred forty three dollars in arrears from three hundred forty three students who do not pay their lunch bill so they come up with an idea they come up with a plan so if you don't pay launch the come up and ask for lunch you don't have it in your in debt we're gonna give you two of your sandwich because we all make the tastiest tuna fish I guess that the kids are gonna like it so well when you get a twenty hours we give you nothing this up and the immediately slammed by community activists in per and parents immediately blast the planned as large shaming for children whose parents may be unable to pay the bill if the parents are unable to pay the bill I say make a phone call explain the situation the work with you if the pay was unable to pay the bill I say go to store by law for bread jar jelly maker saying wage Sanja send the junior school and I'm sure if I gave you a three dollar budget come up with a lunch you can do it how do you feel about the idea and while we're at it here was the best and worst thing you ever eat at a high school lunch times in Burlington New Jersey what a one point five I don thanks for taking my call anytime Hey I was maybe a tangible issue but I'm thank and maybe the way to handle this is to just feed all the kids hello parents the socks and food in with their kids right there's some like a third of these kids are overweight anyway I'm not doing a good job and just take them to the feeling we treasures bound not a sound filled lunch losing a place to come well well I I disagree with this is because of these children become obese adults and then as as long time drag all our healthcare brings your higher because of these adults are way more problems in healthy adults the only problem with this I see what you're saying so but the problem is maybe it's a wash if you're not paying for your kids lunch and whatever that comes out to be in everybody's in the same thing and if my mom would say a lot is going to be forced to eat what's put in front of them and a lot of potential pick anyone they don't have this or that that's why you can feed him talking I mean but that's why you can feed him because what you're going to feed them is going to end up in the garbage and the other thing is when we are you know when you're dealing with business you want to see the results right now says he I would spend all this money feeding kids hoping there fifty years from now I'm gonna see savings on healthcare is it really a good plan thanks for the call to New Jersey one a one point five George's in Morris County New Jersey one a one point five I George yeah I don't know what's the matter with parents these days I didn't have a lunch school program I had to bring a lunch to school if I didn't bring a lunch ladder run home a half a mile eat lunch and run back before the bell rang you know it is that we was George right and we was thankful exactly I think we're letting parents gate you much if the kids don't know a big if you can afford to pay with all the different programs that we have out here there's no reason the kid has to go hungry I just think that the parents aren't doing their job and they need to call them and say Hey what's going on something yet or not you make a great point because I'll tell you something that cherry hill school district call diapers on one parent you will see that lunch is served disappear right if one parent guy you know what and then the and that's what Christie said you know here every no child will be turned away everybody will get food but you're supposed to follow through Paul Davis let them know what's going on so if one parent got called out you bet all the other fans and get involved in this committee junior there we go peanut butter on whole wheat manager I mean seriously that's the that that's the whole thing these parents are to blame they're too many ways out George thanks for the call to New Jersey one a one point five if you can't afford the lunch make your son or daughter a sandwich make them your own lunch at home take the leftovers from the night before send them the next day which is in Burlington a New Jersey what of twenty five high ridge okay well you live on point first of All I Want to thank that sold the lead police last night's work yes absolutely and you know what I can't believe this video of the crowd making fun of the Philadelphia police were trying to do their job while their brothers are being gunned down shame on Philadelphia for the but that that door bell camera probably the best thing never happens anyway about hearings with their kids I know that you know don't care about being naked in the sense that they just say Hey I've got free lunch little girl well I don't understand that well see the thing is it's not under will wear well check under the land about this book I just don't get how people think that way and that's about it I'll pay for it god my taxes do and everything else what other people think that way you shouldn't pay for that's why they think that way because they think people like you will step up they're all pay for dental like something else they don't have to do if you're going to have a child you're going to need to take care of it going to need to feed them Christine is in Hamilton under Jersey one one point five I Christine Hey how you doing and good you good it bothers me that there's that that there's a deficit it almost feels like there might be a coalition but one good way to offset some of that money would be to you everyone eats eventually at NATO weapon Anna from heather fruit or vegetable at home bring the seeds and make it a you know joint effort on everyone's heart you know that could be home economics sign in anything you know and just kind of offset some of that the Christine I don't even know they have to do I mean this is the thing that gets me about this the problem is the these are dead be parents is what this is you know these urges deadbeat parents who send their kids to school put them in an embarrassing situation of not giving them the money it's not that they don't have the money it's not that they can't get the money is not that they can't make a phone call to the school and work out a situation or a payment plan to get the child the free line if you get the child lunch or simply go to the store and make a sandwich I DO I have a I have a son do you do you do you buy the luncheons school or do you said that you may question home and send it in I make a well balanced lunch with you know I live in New Jersey parking on the middle class who stand for you and send them to school and ask him to you know to try and sneak free meal now now but at the same time these are children they don't know and that's what makes it harder on the pants you spend eighteen years of your life you know being a child then you should enjoy that and you're right you put in that situation like that and the fed be parents the stock yes they do all other parents and I have friends with kids and I don't agree with some things that they do now but we need to rally around and provide seed or something like that I mean if I I understand good politician can you know Christine budget what they can do more than that the parents need to take responsibility just like you do every day are not going to have to ask otherwise otherwise then you call child services and you say this this person is not providing for their son or daughter to eat then you see how fast they take responsibility and say is said you have to do that you know it said you have to do that but it's also said the people keep trying to get over on paying their bill one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five cherry hill school district lost fourteen thousand two hundred forty three dollars.

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