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Away last. Oh Yeah it's called for the seat belt to the babysitters Kevin is called for better or cursed. What's in her editor? That one that one too. I like I like them both. But the bigger centers curse energies amazing. That's that's okay. So before we move onto the spoiler section just in case you didn't know with one of my cohorts plug spooky slumber party for the Jonah Junkies listeners because I plugged for the slumber party. Yeah so spooky. Slumber party is three goals. It's kind of like a babysitters clubs kind of like the baby. Sitters club accepts shoulder except we're not babysitting except for nephews. Nephews are yes he says. So we're three gals that are really into horror and have been for a long time. Grew up with scary books and movies and some of US got into it at different times but I mean we all met here now as adults. We don't act like adults. Which is the point of having this podcast because it hearkens back to the days of your when you go to a slumber party and you'd Watch Spooky VHS tape in your PJ's and play light as a feather stiff aboard and Bloody Mary so if all that sounds appealing to you then check out our podcast because it really is a slumber party we sit around and RPG's and talk about spooky things where the PJ's right now. It doesn't cosies on. I'm the only one in like jeans. Change I really why. Why am I not like joining you and I? This is my house after work with food in my car and I was like nope got up. Got Cozy close macos. Become a face had the opportunity to join you in your own house. Go put on your comfy pants do it. He's he's always changing. Continue to talk about a wonderful ipod. Gases yeah so it's it's very different from other horror podcast where we do review movies and books and music and now things are related. We were not to. I guess we'd sometimes get kind of scholarly about it. But it's it's very laid back. We keep it accessible knocking. He exact gatekeeper and Horror Jason. Do I'll just sit a Sifi episode. Yes and there's a Lotta Lotta female empowerment. And He needs to not have to be a female. That's a good point good point I have a lot of dude friends that really enjoy your show that makes me very happy. They want that energy everybody regardless of your gender or lack thereof. I think once that energy. That's slumber party energy so you're all invited to the slumber party so we hope you'll you'll come by swear your PJ's bring your Ligi board a look you're very color coordinated as I know I was so normally like if you guys that's an ensemble if you were here he would have just kept on that same blue flannel. I actually probably would`ve. Yeah and just as like four really well. Maybe besides your Mario off on Halloween. That was pretty Kathleen. That was barely clothes. It's barely close. All right gotta take a quick break and be back for the spoiler section enjoying the show please like in subscribe on I tunes. You can find us on twitter and Instagram at John. Ritter Junkies and don't forget to visit the website. John Junkies Dot Com. Can we just talk about pig a little bit more? Getting the real star of the real are babysitters. I hope pig continues to be so big you know. And a member of the Coven. Yes yeah. How cute was that? Okay when pig talked when pig talk talk and like what? He looks really sweet though. Is that like it was just a temporary thing like she decided she didn't really like pig talking like actually. Yeah actually. This is better before I thought that was so sweet that it was like. She wanted her just the way she was. It was like it was very much like pet cemetery like sometimes they're just live better last better but sometimes like the natural course of things is better. You guys know Kyle Right. Kyle likes to make Kyle likes make stupid. Puns likes to make stupid funds or I tried gluten free for a little while. But you know what they say. Pet Cemetery sometimes. Bread is better. Actually a long doesn't It doesn't all the time so like these huge long setups where I'm like actually invested in a story. I think he's telling me. And then it ends up with stupid Pun. And I'm like you might. You're GonNa be a great dad. And he does that on instagram with like not necessarily a pun but like a weird Lawns setup for like a story but I love it. It's totally are you good. Yeah see we don't have the same thing lake because our cat stitches talks and says what you would normally say it's all there and we know what she's saying we know when she's cursing and as we know what you me but pig was so sweet and I loved it pig. Like was part of the coven. Like really yes. Legitimately was part of the covenant was needed for the ritual. Sanal pig was a rescue. Pig was a stray rescue awesome. So let's we kind of bounce around and all the spoiler sections so you can kind of feel free to chime in with you know some stuff that was just kind of like burning at you and I actually had one thing that I wanted to post to the group. That's a little bit Syria interesting. So I like many non near typical people but to out anybody but everybody in this room is not typical when a problem or it could be. A physical problem is solved by magic and at first with mom I was not immediately happy lake when she was in the. You know the the mental hospital. I don't know nicer way to put that. It was like Oh God. Is this going to be like a magical thing is she magically quote unquote crazy? Yeah and then like you get magically cured and I was really like had to think about it like honestly. It took me out of the book for a few times there and then of course when the reveal happens but then I was like it's okay because they never actually diagnosed her with anything. Yes you hit this button and it is like a cursed. It's Kinda like a trade sort of thing like as long as you know. Arabists is here. You know Bluh Bluh Bluh like that's the way it's gotta be that but that was what took me a minute where. I was like honestly I was like am. I offended by this and then I was like no. I'm not but I had to think about it. A minute yeah. I don't think it's as problematic as if she was cured by magic spell. I've found that makes you normal. Yeah exactly the fact that it was caused by magic makes it less problematic in my view is totally understand what you mean because I kind of had a weird feeling with that. Yeah I needed to be clarified in a weird sort of way kind of the same way that I had had a weird feeling with pig when she first started talking. I'm like I don't know off. I if I want want anamour forget a little. No thank you it. I didn't have any of those thoughts. It never bothered me because it was just part of the story and I feel like it was. It was actually a clever thing to come up with where her being cursed. It turned out in a way that made her like it. Didn't seem like anything magical. It just seemed like Oh. She's has a mental illness and has to be hospital treated for it but I it wasn't like she was cursed and she has green tentacles growing out of her head. You know it was like something that would fly under the radar and not be seen as quote unquote. Magic set. Like there wasn't a diagnosis. It wasn't because I I know this sounds like I'm making this up. I am not. There are books where people are like Walt dyslexic. Or they are. I mean just a billion other types of you know like I said like different abilities or like mental wellness and it gets cured. And it's like that is so irresponsible it's other cured or it's the source of their power. Which can be empowering but in some in some cases it's also kind of tread carefully. Yeah you think it's maybe like the author like maybe they I don't know they're using it as a coping mechanism like maybe they're suffering something they're like. I wish I could just be magically cured because I'm so frustrated with this thing I'm struggling with. Oh yeah so I'm not there. Yeah you know it's like yeah but it's it's not saying it's a healthy coping mechanism but yeah maybe writing about it. Help THEM GET OUT. Some anger situational. I feel like there's going to be kind of stronger theme in in the future books as well. I mean I wouldn't be surprised that's touched on a little bit. You know even harder like okay. Well what is the right thing to do? In this case like is he going is the right thing is to trap him in the negative for the rest of eternity handed against their code. Right like lit. The things you're supposed to do like we don't even know. Walder code yet but we know we we know they can't kill him but if he's really just going to be that destructive then maybe him being in the negative is the right thing in. Is that something that you know? That's just? She's going to have mental issues because of that. I think that's something that can really be explored in future books and I don't think it's it's been ruled out at this point. I don't have any concerns about kate. Williams being like problematic at all yeah. It was very compassionate for characters. Yeah I was just one of those things that for yeah alike made me do the record scratch a little. It'd be like let's see. Let's see this plays out but I am. I loved that there is some diversity in the spot new. You'RE GONNA love that I was like Oh S. Andrews hiking because you got to you have to and especially like you can tell and I won't name names. It's not really the stuff we review on here but when people throw in diversity just to have diversity and it's my biggest pet peeves. Yeah and it's like no like this is natural and real diversity that we have him as Cassandra is Hispanic genesis black. It's like it's all good you don't find out. I mean you don't really find out. That Cassandra is Mexican until way later. In the match thing I loved that it wasn't in there and Janice when when she's being described it's clear that she's a person of color and I love that but it feels in this book Like so many other things like it's just natural. And that's how she. Yes how she pictured the character just from the get go and that's just who the character was. Yeah as I was pleased as punch. Yeah more and more and more Can I talk about the these semi? Ah Love interest that ended up being. I love how turned out at the end. It just made me happy Leon. Dmz on yeah. I when I started reading it when it got to like describing Dion and like you know I was just like Oh God this is such a teen book like g right like teen got one ever but that when it turns into at the end were talking about him for like the last like four five. John was like this guy's an idiot loved it live so accurate teenage experience. Yeah Yeah like only eleven Semaj then three weeks later. It's like Oh actually dum dum actually buried. Tom Is he. Seems like Kinda sweet and like you know. Just kind of unbothered by the end of it. He's a Zuber every toddler. I love how you turn though because I was a little nervous that I was going to be like a Oh like romance is going to be in the thing about this book. I was like those kind of like no thank you but then it ended up with Lake. You know majority of like this is about the coven and female empowerment passes the the BECHTOL test. Yeah yeah it was nervous about it like when when that came up. I was like this. Don't pass the Michael Task and then and then at the passes we're really into names of characters to everything And is perfect for him. Being DNA says who's the god of wine and partying in kind of Bacchanalia? Because if like it sounds like he's so like Oh dionyssis. Oh Wow that's so awesome and sophisticated. And you're like no he's actually is Kinda dumb like a Frat guy. Yeah and then same thing with Cassandra. Because that's you know she's a she was a prophetess who saw the downfall of troy and nobody kind of believed her and I kind of feel like. That's kind of art. Cassandra to you where you know she has all this stuff going on under the surface and people have just been like whatever your foster kid. You're dumb you know not taking her seriously exactly. Yeah I love how the Dushi guys at school talk about her. Because it's so real even though it's like super dirty and not okay and inappropriate. I like that. She went there and it wasn't just like well. Look at that smoking. Hot Babe. No it's like they say disgusting stuff about her this book but I'm like that's how it is asks. How teens talk. Like I'm so glad she didn't censor herself. I love the part where Janice are like sizing her up in the cafeteria. Or the like all right. Where's she going to say? Where's she going to say? She's dumps her tray into the garbage can and walks out Janus just goes bold Costa. Who's your favorite girl? Oh God that's hard. I'm okay part of the magic of this story is the the fun- diversity of all girls. Yeah I think Cassandra's my favorite I think. High by with Cassandra CASSANDRA. Oh man especially with the dealing with kind of thing. 'cause it's as may like no question so for me..

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