Ewan McGregor's daughter calls his girlfriend, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, 'a piece of trash'


Think a lot of people would have opinions about we not being allowed to do the only everyone's allowed to have bushes it makes you wanna get married a lot i can say that when i'm ready toss or wouldn't you alert like or it no i'm just trying to figure out who like no i'm sorry i'm trying to think of whom i crush is our right now 'cause joaquin phoenix used to be mine in he turned he we're here so it's like that was rude you and mcgregor was another one he turned weird because he cheated on his wife with someone who's just younger and looked like his wife so like bag shot say we we we halt there yeah totally do read what his daughter wrote now she says girl called him traff he's trash fuck you you know no was in what day was this i read it took data today that his are you on our called his girlfriend commented on how instagram okay so he's still going on his moral homage on immigration girlfriends in ceram instead like you're so beautiful or whatever and his daughter clara is donate i don't even know her name in shave wrote i bleed sarah hilliker but his girlfriend his daughter responded to the person said like would you wins it what do you consider beautiful she's alyssa trap lazily she she's been what happened today like i even brought up you immigration in lake a really light in may of me we'll get back to bieber just just chill i know i am shocked right now wait i legitimately can't believe that this happened today i was i was like ugo yes totally like yeah how i'm sorry tell that fucking water be step mom that she is jack what is i don't know if she's gadgets unauthorized unauthorised thing he reminds me and says you immigrants daughter clara calls his girlfriend mary elizabeth winstead a piece of trash oh my god us okay okay okay most she wrote most beautiful and talented woman on earth oh man yeller delusional the girl is a piece of trash ex i love that she gave a kiss at the end oh my god dropped the mic bhamas move clara we wanna be your bff he is a hero she really is i'm sorry this destroyed me because you and mcgregor was like my first majorleague yes i liked leonardo dicaprio in titanic in josh hartnett in pearl harbor but like like you mcgregor move on real was one i really started to think about sex in a real way who like that was like my like real holy shit i'm feeling like my crush everywhere i'm feeling l on you know what i'm talking about there's difference between having like your little crushes when you're ten and eleven and twelve and then you're thirteen whenever age it is and then i was like oh my god you immigration is it that was like i felt like if i don't find someone like you immigrated moulin rouge i'll die maybe that's why i have this theory i've talked with this on my podcast that who your first celebrity crushes are like who you fantasize about your shape the type of dunes that you date so one thing that i've kind of noticed is that like when like emotional or are sensitive with me it like it like if it melts me i'm like oh my god i'm all in and you and mcgregor moulin rouge was like the most fucking sensitive soul ever yeah yeah that's where he got other mining avidly mine was for sure leo cavs in titanic and roman which makes sense as to why oman swing zelma of it ryan guessing at what point and joseph gordon levitt in which movies ten things i hate about you the but i'm talking about this no no no no for shane hard for me not that i'm talking about legal leo or a volume will yoting leo i was i'm talking about like a very eating no one of your fist well done do i'm not talking all that oil we'll on okay okay i'm saying i'm talking about leo like when when i was that young okay now young i'm like being like that impressionable that age so yes jgl i we ten i was led her visial make sense and all that in like you know.

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