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Of this year at home in coventry where she has lived for sixty years she will receive a booster shot in twenty one days to ensure she has the best chance of being protected against the virus said nhs england in a statement. Keenan shot was administered by nurse. May parsons who said it was a huge honor to play a part in the saving day may originally from the philippine says worked in the nhs for the last twenty four years. William shakespeare the second person to receive the vaccine also at university hospital. Coventry was eighty one year old. William shakespeare named after the playwright. Shakespeare called the vaccine groundbreaking in a television interview tuesday morning. The patient's name provoked a round of good natured responses on social media. With many offering puns on works by the bard of avon nurses and care homeworkers while england is putting senior citizens at the front of the line for vaccines other regions of the uk are prioritizing health. Care workers just after eight am gmt. Sister joanna sloan a became the first person in northern ireland to receive. The vaccine at the royal victoria hospital in belfast. I've been waiting looking forward to it for so long and it feels great. It feels fantastic. Privileged said sloan who will be managing the belfast. Trust vaccination center care home worker creek at forty eight became one of the first people in wales to receive the vaccine a day after a wales reported. Two thousand covid nineteen cases in a single day for the first time the. Uk's medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency authorized the vaccine produced by pfizer and bio intech last week which was shown to be ninety five percent effective in preventing illness from covid nineteen and clinical trials. The uk government has placed orders for forty million doses of the vaccine enough for twenty million people. Last two separate courses are needed. The development comes as covid nineteen deaths continued to rise in the country and cases rise in parts of southern england including essex kent and london almost sixty thousand people have died after testing positive for covid nineteen so far in the uk the highest in europe and the fifth highest number in the world. This is an incredibly important moment on the march out of this pandemic but we've still got a long march to go. This winter said health secretary matt hancock in response to the first patients. Receiving their vaccine's tuesday..

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