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Julian Rogers next report one twenty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen well nice contrast out there today compared to all the rainy dreary weather we had yesterday sunny skies I'm in B. C. five urologist grant Johnston this afternoon the high will climb up to seventy one with sunshine abounding across North Texas northwest wind about five to ten miles per hour pretty nice combination little chilly tonight under clear skies will drop down to forty three and for Friday just a tad cooler high temperature about sixty five still quite nice with sunshine and light winds dry and sunny on Saturday cloud cover increases though Sunday with a slight chance of rain by Sunday evening once again this afternoon seventy one sixty seven at DFW no matter when you get in the car were the only station that brings you news traffic and weather all day newsradio ten eighty KRLD one twenty here's another offshoot of the corona virus story mortgage rates just hit a new record low the average on a thirty year fixed rate is at three point twenty nine percent off Freddie Mac says the fifteen year fixed is tumbled two point seventy nine percent Prashanth Gopal is the U. S. housing reporter for Bloomberg per shot these numbers are stunning well we're at the absolute low this is low isn't as it's been you know in data going back to nineteen seventy one and a lot of experts who looked back further and say that you know this is the lowest rates in modern history and we should point out here there are really two sides to this coin per shot well I would just say that you know this this is a really historic opportunity but it comes with risks right so.

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