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Continue to provide the Ukrainian military with the capacity to defend themselves The United States and NATO allies continue to provide Ukraine with both military and humanitarian assistance Earlier today Russia claimed it would reduce its attacks on Ukraine as delegates from the two countries met for their latest round of negotiations in Istanbul Several European governments are expelling Russian officials on allegations of espionage Terry Schultz reports the coordinated action comes amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine Belgium the Czech Republic Ireland and the Netherlands say they've asked accredited diplomats to leave their countries because they've been secretly conducting intelligence activities The Baltic states Poland and the U.S. are among other governments which have already expelled Russian embassy staff Belgian foreign minister Sophie Willis says the 21 people asked to leave her country had been involved in quote espionage and influence operations which threatened Belgium's security They have 15 days to depart The Irish are kicking out four Russian officials and the Czech government one person Dutch foreign minister whoopee hoekstra said after 17 Russians were ordered to leave the Netherlands he expects Moscow to retaliate so his country is prepared for quote various scenarios that may arise in the near future For NPR news I'm Terry Schultz in Brussels Stocks traded higher on Wall Street today the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 338 points at 35,294 This is NPR news in Washington From WAB E News in Atlanta good afternoon I'm Jim burris for time now is four 32 State officials say an audit of Georgia's voting rolls shows more than 1600 people tried to register to vote but their citizenship status couldn't be verified None of those people actually cast a ballot Georgia Secretary of State Brad raffensperger's office says they were giving pending citizenship status while federal officials investigate further Raffensperger said the audit is evidence that Georgia citizen verification procedures are working and that elections are secure Well Georgia election administrators are asking state lawmakers to make changes to a proposed voting law As WAB politics reporter Sam greenglass reports every election official at a hearing this week called for changes to that Bill The new election bill is nowhere near as sweeping as the overhaul passed by Republicans last year but it does make some significant changes like giving the Georgia bureau of investigation the power to start election investigations The legislation also adds new rules for documenting how ballots are handled on top of the strict provision already required Joseph Kirk election supervisor in bartow county called the new laws security theater That's just going to slow us down and take more resources that we need to dedicate to other things that really matter in the process And we want to find more resources Here's rocky raffle chair of the Athens Clarke county board of elections We're going to lose staff over this And Athens we already are barely making the minimum required number of staff to staff our polling locations Kelly Robinson with the Newton county board of elections said the provision restricting county election offices from accepting nonprofit grant money would hinder their ability to serve voters We were able to use funding to purchase equipment such as polling pads These additional polling tasks were instrumental in increasing our ability to check in voters efficiently In addition we utilized the funds to install security cameras in areas of facility that did not have adequate security monitoring in the voter fixings The Senate panel has yet to vote on the measure there's just about a week left.

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