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Under Michigan under my skin got you it is hard of me where does beating sacrifice anything come what might for the sake of having you here in spite of the warning and I'm sorry you're saying well no go ahead I I'm listening to cruise I I don't have I don't have the same where does having that kind of singing voice ranking on if you could have any because of the French not to regardless of how well the lotus you can walk into a place are sitting in I love it but does he have the best singing voice of all time depends on networking tables was snacking coding Kereta though Vic Damone I mean the old crooners Harry Connick junior who is a singing voice like him now doesn't it he's the it's amazing so I Steven Tyler of always like him now mmhm I mean I like rock singers I mean it I could scream and sing like that not bad but I mean that's a that's a it's a very sexy skill I think that they would do we well I mean a lot of rock stars have they're not attractive dudes but they can sing like that just look at it for what what's the best way to look at I can get out of it it's a pretty good skill to have that is really nice skill skill because you can just hang out like always those guys you know who could pick up a guitar and sing and stuff I'm in a fraternity house right about that but he could do that and it was a sight to see I left the room as I can add to that can compete with them he was heard saying any strum the guitar is like high in that area what were the athletes have the best singing voices I don't know what I'm gonna wrapping Daimler is terrific yeah he's good I don't know who's got the best singing voice how many have even gone zero zero he was on what was your the mystery voice sort of that show is yeah I saw that he is his voice is okay yeah took a bad it was father asked his father very she does father Joe workless unnatural yeah encounter AC and dizzy Gillespie and his mom was a backup singer with Nat King Cole Roberta what's your name Roberta Gaeta Schoenberger thank goodness so I can blame my family for not giving me the type of voice that I would like my father had a tremendous English and he sang like Sinatra and I don't have that skill I mean my father really could say and when I have taken my dad today going on my father passed away flights unnatural the first to pay for all day long and then at his funeral my father to nineteen fifty six vintage Cadillac Eldorado convertible red unbelievable car he had it till the day he died yeah it well you have a body got later his life we did have a when it was you gotta use U. K. that was she a collector cars but he had that one that's nice one many but I I want to I drove to his funeral and eulogized him and I drove that car chopped down it was a beautiful day and I was current condition entre is loud as I could my father's favorite song was the autumn wind came blowing in from across the sea of course I played that over and over and over and over again so yeah we lost Frankie today would have been one oh four my dad's name is Frank so I I think my dad a lot when I hear Sinatra Sinatra lived hard enough it made it to one oh four by the way is a senior email it's eighty eighty two Mr production that eighty two of his years of her like a hundred four of anybody else so that's what I always always thought is is of course you said when someone passes but if somebody lived eighty two good years like many of her day was yesterday he lives seventy four really good years I'm sad that he's gone but he he told us right when he got his cancers like you you don't cry for me because I live seventy four pretty good ones and he did people can live forever and not live very good years sometimes some of our celebration summer or very very sad though all are sad but it depends on how you live the years of Sinatra lived eighty two and they were here he's got a years that's pretty good now only the good die young he lives are it looks like that is eighty two years or probably equivalent of people's army hidden in sleep a lot what what a life but anyway our is is a singing voice something that is god given or I don't yeah absolutely you can you can that is right and you can't do take singing lessons and you learn to sing from your diaphragm and but yeah I I think the the bottom line ability to be able to just you know be on key the vocal range I think that's that's god given mainly but you can you can get better obviously hole in the ceiling using and more yeah such an extra measure which I better at it and all the more you use it and you can you know sing include lessons but I mean I have a voice like Sinatra you're pretty much born with it yeah negative you work it anyway very nice one thing before we talk to a Marcus this is something you actually brought up before this will be interesting if in when all sports come back how they're gonna handle nobody in the stands Joe Bach said multiple networks including fox are seriously consider using fake crowd noise during NFL game broadcasts to try and replicate what he called a normal viewing experience but he said nothing is set in stone so what would you think that I'm not a remote was it's a done deal when you say it's almost a done deal pretty sure that he did he the quote I have in front of me and says he wants to make it clear nothing is set in stone that's what he's also he retracted that I'm the one that I read last night was it's almost a done deal here's what he said he said it's pretty much a done deal well that's what he said all right and he's talking at Gartner runs box and I I would be we've talked about this before I think your job is as a reporter of the game is reporting the events of the game and and burn right now doing a live broadcast of the game and obviously in this situation no one's there to watch it assuming we don't have fans in the stands but I think the NFL's gonna make every effort to do delay the start of the year to be able to to get fans in the stands early some but I'm I'm decidedly against it I can see why the network should want to do it because they're looking to entertain and be more of a TV show but it's not organic it's not what's real I would think it would be hokey and phony and it's not what's actually happening their job there is to report on the events of the game and I I would think they would do the opposite and to take this opportunity to broadcast sports and in particular and just talking about the NFL to present the NFL in a different way and I've always thought you know one thing when fox got the right years ago I they were talking about the sights and sounds and sounds just enhancing the audio of the game I think they do a very poor job of covering the game for one I think the shot your way too tight and I think the but that's what people want they want that tight shot of Tom Brady's eyes they don't want to see necessarily a you know ground going in motion and flip in the formation but I think the sounds of it they just don't capture the sounds of the game and this would be the one and a lot of that is because the crowd is so deafening and yeah you're the quarterback and the cadence there and you know Peyton and near Omaha Omaha but you don't ever hear you know the defense checking out of it I would think this would be an opportunity to really take you inside the game and to be able to hear more than just the quarterback you're gonna be able to hear Fred Warner you know maybe communicated defense of change you know Steve young was talking there's a famous game when he was playing for the or the the LA xpress the USFL they were playing at the LA Coliseum and there were like a few hundred people there you know the famous open days game at the is salamander called at the mausoleum where they had hundreds of people there but this one USFL game at light and like I've I've read a lot of reports about let's go back and watch the game if there's any of the video or a replay of it but Steve young was saying the defense could hear everything he was saying so he had a like a whisper the audibles just returns back to the offense of backs behind a man down the line and he'd have to do it in a harsh tone so they could hear otherwise they were picking up on it so I hope they don't do this I think it would be fraudulent and I want the organic what's being played and I thought about it if we have to do games of my color producers are show producers forty Niners football you know I I I'm I would be on board with pumping and you know crowd sound from say the NFC championship game from last year that's just not real you want to present a sound different maybe I'll have to back off my call a little bit because if I'm screaming and yelling over no one that's not gonna work but then you have to adjust so I I I'm not on board with this at all I hope that they change their thought I understand it to some degree John but you if your job is to report what is happening and if that's what's happening there's nobody there that's a big part of it and then use the silence to hear other things that ordinarily you wouldn't be able to hear so I hope they don't do this I agree I I've always been a big proponent begin they only do this for the championship games in college but I like the different channels remember this was years ago and I know Kansas city was one of the teams and I can't remember what the other team was but they did a broadcast outlets are not even listening to me yeah you know it's asking now is the chance of the dolphins just now seen okay our selling eighty two or something and it was the jets and dolphins and yet and I would love it and I got to believe they can make money on it just numerous channels so if you want to hear broadcasts that's fine if you wanna hear no no one answers that's fine if you want to hear I love the the in the college football championship game an obvious was before group went back to the raiders but they had a room with a Gruden and Milan and they had a bunch of coaches in there and they were just you know shoot the breeze talk about football game as they were watching it like I just think there are multiple things that they could do but I agree with you it's gonna sound stupid it's gonna sound like a seventy six.

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