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Into today's trade. Kalma salute instead of IQ of Bloomberg. Quick Take right here in our Bloomberg Interactive brokers studio, so Big picture. Um, Tim, we had Yes. Kind of. Ah, we saw that kind of throughout the day. Kind of a more negative risk off trade today. 135 names in the S and P 500 higher today 370 lower And if we look at the major industry groups you're looking at that, aren't you? I'm looking at it. Yeah, only two were higher on the day Consumer, Discretionary and information technology. Yeah, and the bottom of the pack one together. Energy names down 2.8%. I got to just say I want to bring in Bloomberg News Cross as a reporter, Sarah Ponds ex Sarah. Good to have you I know you're on the phone from home, Tim and I pulled out the S and P 500 year to date list. Do you know etc is the best performing name in the S and P 500 is up. 283. I was 284%. Let me think of it immediately. But he has really been one of these Stay at home Stocks to people staying at home. Just they're ordering on Amazon. Yes, he has all of the sudden become this go to shopping. Place, of course and online mecca, and it is pretty unbelievable. And it's one of those names that you're right. It would surprise people. If you haven't been paying very, very close attention to what do you want to Care to guess. No cheating. Sarah, who's at the bottom of the list? Let's see at the bottom of the list. I mean, if I take the cop out, and I just think broadly, I'm gonna go with some energy name close, very close, very close because there's a bunch of energy marathon Diamondback energy. Occidental's on there. Oh, I just love I just cheated Carnival I was about to say, or it's gotta be a cruise line our hospital like somewhere in the hospitality space right that Zeze a surprise that the best is the best performer, but not a surprise, perhaps as the worst performers credible. But it all so all right. So what else are you seeing in today's trade that you think is kind of interesting. We continue to have this question Pole especially heading into the end of the year. This is our last full trading week. Hard to believe. Littering how long 2020 has felled by now about yourself on your back. We're almost there. Yeah, Sarah. Not yet. It's also going to be a busy week. Busy one, but they also encapsulate just where we stand. At the point in which we're hearing from Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio in New York City, saying that residents should prepare themselves for yet another shutdown London also entering another very restrictive lockdown as well. We see Kobe's case is rising. But on the flip side to that is still the hope and the optimism for the vaccine. The first vaccine given in New York City today, so you just have these very, very opposite headlines and pictures that are almost creating the tug of war and markets and Blue. Weighing my colleague Over the weekend, she wrote a story kind of just listing where Wall Street strategists stand on a year and targets for 2021. She put together the survey and what's amazing is just The wide charity that we see between strategist even some calling for 20% rallies, some calling just 34% rally. Granted, they're all calling for stocks to continue to rise. But such dispersion there and what it really boils down to is whether or not investors believe that the vaccine has already been placed into stuff that these levels or flu further run. It's a good question, right? Yeah, But was there any? Was there any consensus or No? You just said that was the whole point right that it was nobody really agreeing. There really wasn't too much consensus. But what is really interesting as well is that if you look at the average call for the year in S and P target for the end of the year in 2021, it's so called for a gain of 10%, which is actually one of the best. Expectations from strategist heading into a year on record, and it's pretty unbelievable that that sort of optimism is expected after the 2020 that we just had if you look at the S and P 500 year to date this year In the face of all of the rest. All of the issues that we have all lived through that we have all felt that companies have clearly faced the SNP still up. 13%. So, your coat just another 10% gain on average next year, too. All right, Sarah ponds Ex. Thank you. Thank you So much. Bloomberg News Cross asked reporters Sarah Pontiac on the phone in New York City. All right, you're listening to Bloomberg. All.

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