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Appreciate the thoughts go to charlottesville a listening on w c h v blurry welcome to the program thank you for taking my call i bet it i quit competitor and any rebel rebel you know it sounds like your cell phones bragan a blur apologize for that let's go to anton anton i asked in the court pull question which one is worse and tifa or the white supremacist i would have to vote for ntv because they're done more violence in in this country in the last twelve months uh unfortunately than was done uh you know in charlottesville last weekend tell me what your thought is which one is the grid with agreed with throat all at the moment and epa clearly uh if you look at uh if he would go to any of the parkway with pre e going on at had met by on take white naysayer go ahead an f them up a bat and then head emma handed down the man bottled a young lady uh and and have them walk over a mom and pop will walking blewett enjoying the day at a rally in an everything going on look eager have been yelling and screaming it'd be irans of mom mahmut pau and equally all the and taking them in the faith to a mom and pop and trying to try to apply to hello alive an i epoch by over live not bake lightweight lightly and uh they got ball on the belt date la la bacon has been liberty they're the maple look and act within be gary two people and they do that because any the very fact adult attack police officers tells you a lot about um i assume that anyone who will is hack a police officer in america wouldn't think twice about attacking an average citizen because they know that so volvo a more vulnerable dr target so the very fact that they will go out and battle with the police and throw things at the police uh tells me a lot about of the character of that group and the.

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