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Richard cancer the field of democratic presidential wannabes got a little smaller exactly three months after launching his bid for president California congressman Eric Swalwell is dropping out of the race Sir no good no regrets recited about what we've done his campaign was short lived in failed to gain much traction Swalwell is vowing to return to Washington to fight for topics like battling gun violence and like stone EBC their president trump's executive order requiring pharmaceutical companies to include list prices in their TV advertising was to go into effect today but won't a federal judge in Washington blocked the rule on free speech grounds the rule was part of the administration's effort to lower prescription drug costs for consumers twenty three U. S. governors signed a pledge backing California in its showdown with the trump administration over the plan to relax vehicle mileage standards the White House wants to freeze tougher mileage standards laid out by former president Obama to fight climate change in Washington the National Archives building is closed today there's no electric power after Monday mornings torrential rain flooded parts of the metropolitan area including the power vault in the basement of the National Archives after weeks of demonstrations Hong Kong as a regional legislature killed a controversial bill on extradition it fuels fear Hong Kong's independent courts and legal systems would be weakened by allowing it to hand over accused criminal suspects to mainland China we will listen more.

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