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On the alcoholics post game podcast for preseason week to atlanta hosting the new york jets so dave walker. I'm here with evan burchfield. <hes> we're going through the game. We've talked about the offense. We're going to talk about the defense now because i do think unlike the offense <hes> there were a few bright spots. I do on the highlight the fact that <hes> this is the first game since week three week four where we saw ricardo ellen in kiana neil both dressed in out on the field for for the first time so it was fantastic says he's them to see those guys out there. It was really encouraging. Obviously we want to see dionne jones out there as well but it looks like these guys you know they're obviously this was a game to get some the rust off. It was clear that in both guys were a little bit rusty <hes> but it was it. It was really exciting to see them back out there so evan. What were your thoughts to starting safeties back in actually playing playing in the n._f._l. In an n._f._l. Game it was great it just i think the biggest shock was when you see him walking out of the tunnel in uniform and you can see you know they show it <hes> before the game obviously unlike social digital media and stuff like that nec all suited up and ready to go and it's like i feel like it was just yesterday when you know they they all went down and it was just like soul-crushing soul-crushing so it's a good feeling to to know where you know a couple of weeks away from actually being like in real action being out on the field <hes> i'm looking forward to it really really good to see them back all right. Turn over you. What defensive player or players stood out to you in a positive way that that made a positive impression in this game yeah us out. The tyler davidson looked very good. There was one play specific where he basically like bob. Him weaved his way into the backfield. <hes> in i can do a justice so you'd have to just seen the video but he looked really good <hes> all of a sudden. It's like our defensive tackle..

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