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Afterwards there were a lot of times when it would flare up what I was the office because that was when I was so green to that I I didn't understand the hierarchical nature of a writer's room and so you know I also had a big chip on my shoulder because I was at least the first or the only woman and for a while the only minority like fulltime writer that was there and so I It would flare up. A lot of the good news is that my boss and my mentor was was this very forgiving. Greg Daniels and I've talked about him before and her show. But he was someone who is the opposite he's inherited. He's very methodical in kind and thoughtful. And I think he kind of was his responsibility to be patient with me about those things. And that's actually something that now when I have so many younger riders many of whom are minorities are young women like. I have really been confronted with okay. We have to kind of do a greg did because my natural inclination is someone is fighting with me. And I'm their boss is to quell it by screwing them but now I I really try to remember what Greg did and try to replicate that as much as I can. In this series the main character meets a friend who is now at Princeton. Which is one of the places that your character would like to end up in after high school and she tells him of Sheikh. She's a princeton away from home she'd be come an atheist and he'd burgers and have a white boyfriend but her friend who actually is it. Princeton says well. He thought maybe he feel that way too but he has a native American roommate which has made them think a lot more about his own Indian heritage. Did you go through an experience like that yourself? Yeah must exactly my best friend from college. One of my small group of Friends is native from Montana and when we got to college I was not part of the Indian Alliance Group It didn't occur to me to be part of that but she became very big in the native Americans like student coalition and they would have Palau's and they she would live in she lived in the Nat House which is the native American housing and she was so Proud to be native and she was so proud to share it with her friends and I remember feeling really embarrassed about that because I I didn't have that relationship with being Indian or Hindu and we went to visit her in Montana and went to the reservation where she grew up and she would very probably say growth on the rise. I can't wait for you to meet my friends at I grew up with and I felt kind of ashamed. I thought like you know. Why is she so proud of this and Never Americans is country have been through so much more than I think Indian Americans have and she's so of it and maybe that's the reason why actually that she was Is there's like defiance in it but I did not have that same relationship with being Indian and I remember being really ashamed. That's a moment that we put into the Ganesh Pooja episode as her wondering why she has that relationship with her faith and with culture so we were talking about. You didn't have a boyfriend in highschool and your character. So far is kind of striking out did. Did your parents have strict views about dating or sex when you were growing up? And how did how did their views compared to what you want it and how you behaved. Well it's so funny. Bring that up. I was I was talking about this the other day. Because it was a real paradox. There was we were told overtly that no one was allowed to date while they were in high school Not that there's anybody knocking on my door or anything like that. But that was a real rule that was not allowed to have a boyfriend at the same time. My mother really wanted me to dress very feminine league. Get my eyebrows done. She was totally fine with us. Going to Sephora to buy makeup doing my hair and I was very important to her so it was. It was interesting. She wanted to me to be kind of conventionally attractive and girly I would even say more so than other moms but then also shut the door on any kind of me having any romantic possibilities in high school which I thought was interesting. Well how do you reconcile those two ideas making you more feminine as attractive as possible but not warning you to have intimate relationships with boys? I think she wanted me to be perfect so she wanted me to be a beautiful and for people to want to be friends with me and for people to think I was attractive but then also Pristine and not having a physical relationship with boy which let me underline would never have happened anyway but but so that everybody would want to be my friend and I think it was attractive and pretty also had was just this very focused hard working kid who just wanted to go to college Get into a great school and I think that is something that would have made a really proud I was fifty percent of that. So you know I was the hard working kid got I wasn't the other thing but you know I I tried would you have gone against your parents wishes about sex. How you have the opportunity which you've made it clear your heartbeat in a heartbeat. If Adam Brody Ted if my pitcher about him brody from Nineteen ninety-four wanted me to go to become his steady girlfriend. Oh I would have died. Had this like stealthy deceit filled romantic relationship with him while also taking AP classes. I mean it was my dream to have it all but you know that that did not happen. So let me reintroduce you here. If you're just joining us my guest is Mindy killing and her new series never have I ever just started streaming on net flicks. She was also a writer and producer on the series. The office and Played Kelly. Kapoor reading to talk more after we take a short break. I'm Terry Gross..

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