David Brian Ross, United States, Kidnapping discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir - Full Episode: Friday, July 28, 2017


Wow the video suggests otherwise but both offices remained on the job tonight no punishment not even a letter of reprimand david brian ross with us tonight in brian's going to have much more coming up tonight including how long it took to call for medical help his 2020 investigation life and death at the borders tonight at ten pm right here on 2020 brian i'll see you then in the meantime tonight from london this evening little charlie guard the baby at the center of that international struggle has now passed away he died at hospice one day after being transferred from the hospital his case attracting worldwide attention after his parents fought to bring them here to the us for experimental treatment for his rare genetic disorder tonight pope francis leading the tributes tweeting i entrust little charlie to father and pray for his parents and all those who loved him next tonight here the deadly prison escape in louisiana b inmate allegedly kidnapping and killing the wardens own stepdaughter during his getaway she was just nineteen abc's we worth on the standoff that ended in gunfire tonight a louisiana family in shock nineteen year old amanda corny stabbed to death authorities in inmate abducting at this stepdaughter of a warden on the prison grounds were the entire family lived the kidnapping setting off a tense gunfight heavily armed swat team responding to the emergency fatally shooting the escaped prisoner the inmate thirty nine year old deltra henderson a prisoner with special privileges assigned to work on the wardens lawn when authorities believe he kidnapped kearney and allegedly stole her car that deadly shootout ending in a trailer where authorities say henderson had found a gun tonight investigators trying to determine whether the inmate was properly supervised when he allegedly snapped.

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