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Now can you currently are a defense attorney you at one other point your career were in assistant united states attorney i'm wondering your read on what was made public about the pop and dopoulos guilty plea in the plea agreement in the fact that he's cooperating was there anything in the documents that were made public this week on his case that indicate to you any other criminal activity outside of lying to the fbi will there was lying to the fbi and the results are deleting his facebook account in what might have been in a very clumsy effort to conceal its contents from the fbi but no it wasn't anything in there that i think yet cross the line into any other crimes but bear in mind that what were seen both in the complaint and in a statement of fact supporting the plea was what the special council warned to put in there and they didn't necessarily put gratuitous things in there so it's possible they have more but this move by the special counsel's office to go out and roused people and then wind up charging them not with a substantive crime but with lying during a rousting is classic for a federal grand jury investigation and actually a misspoke it was the fbi that did the initial rousting before the special council was even appointed but disarray demonstrates as does the manafort indictment just how broad and flexible federal criminal law is and how often prosecutors can.

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