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Executive editor glossy and today's guest. Is jean alliance. The founder of love seeing welcome. Jenna thank you for having me hyper you hi jenna. It's so good to see you again. Jeddah i think our listeners. Probably don't need an introduction to who you are because you know your your career at j. crew and so what you've done in the last twenty years in fashion but for those out there who need a little motivation today. Tell us a little bit about how you got started in fashion and beauty and lifestyle. Oh sure i mean. I think it was kind of by accident. I was super tall. When i was little and at in seventh grade was six feet tall and that was hard especially with the boys and nothing that me there was no j brand jeans back then there was no nobody making tall close for young girls didn't exist and so i was constantly buying like really big close and i thought that was like the size fourteen because those are the pants. Were long enough for me. I just didn't even understand took a homework class. And i made myself a skirt and the teacher showed me how to measure myself. And i made a bias full length watermelon skirt and i walked into school. And darlene patterson who was like the most popular girl in class who sat next to me and social studies. Looked over at me inside. Where did you get that skirts. So cute and i was like it was the first time anyone had given me positive feedback about the way i looked and i had a genetic disorder so i had my teeth clinic dealer. Had bald spots in my head scarves. I would love stuff going on. That did not make me feel good about my visual presence to have someone give me positive feedback about the way i looked so altering and really think really emotionally like powerful and so i also had made that thing which was sort of the combination of two things really no. I enjoy the process. And i felt really proud at the end. So yeah a kind of. I got a subscription to vogue that christmas and my grandmother amy sewing machine and like i was hooked so jet. You also went to fashion school before starting at j. crew. What was that lake. I did i had. I had gone to parsons..

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