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Is the is this mend the base proposition building societies credit unions like if the epa there was a time where it just seems to fit now is it know crowdfunding ceos everything seems who moving to that pay to pay pay owned thing yet building societies credit unions the coop seems so oldfashioned and also the the products that they argue algibali launched have been bright banke but but is that not the so they they generated a community in a like i i can remember in yorkshire where i'm from despite the accent but the the idea that the community was galvanized around a central point which was the coop in various different guises whether it be your funeral or whether it be your bank account whatever but is that not the rolla actually a law the challenger banks coming into uk archie fulfilling now in a could we know argue that something like a moms' or is actually kind of a cumulative bank now in terms of what it's doing because of how it's approaching developing that community making people sort of galvanized around a full to not thought could be in a making banking bed aurora could be that were rewarding all community incumbent doug sign has both hands up i think he has swear all dine on the third set godin talks about tribes the author of the weed now subscribed her tribe doesn't matter where you live in the world if you'd like stripey hats you find the stripey hot strive if you like gulfs you find the gulf try but there's this job he has struggled the that needs to be like cutting a hotline the you need to to get with dr casseus so but.

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