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The first time you, you mentioned Michigan defense that you know right there the first time they're on the field. My eyes are going to be glued to how Donnie Brown's gonna Tak that Notre Dame line. You know, that side one that's been big about a two top ten picks and mcglinchey in Nelson. Mike, when it comes on the field, the first time Michigan's defense is on the field. I'll have my eyes on that on on that Michigan defense and how they're going to tack that side and the other Notre Dame off. It's of line that was vacated by the two top ten picks and Nelson and mcglinchey is is the feeling of Michigan. Is that where they have their biggest advantage? I'm so they feel the big one, and it is just based on what we've seen and the the joy of college football a little bit of its stupidity as well is on capsulated in week one. We have no idea. So we know nothing anybody who's telling you that they think Liam Aiken. Will be the left tackling mood for Notre Dame replacing Mike mcglinchey who went number nine, the forty Niners in Quinton notes when sixty guard right next to them to map what's polls. If the two first round picks its top ten picks lottery picks if you will. Okay. So that's how huge huge deal. So how are they gonna fill in there? Well, the guard step in an ounce bars for quitting. Noten is good guard. He started a couple of years. He's got experience, but like I can Berg next to him has a lot of publicity, but we don't know how he's gonna hold up especially in his first game. So that's why that week one is always a head scratcher. I'm with you there. It's not just for Sean, Gary win. The big on the edge they have experienced defensive tackles. Michigan's defense has no weak spots. So Notre Dame's gonna have to make plays out of. The basic way being stopped with the secondary play meeting, scramble the the thing that's not on a card or in a playbook. I think those are going to be the important place not to be your base often, but to keep drives a lot and alive. It's going to be how much time wimbush have to throw the ball, how much time does he have to set things up? And it's gonna be a challenge because if you block Gary, who's going block winner, Jeff, the blood him one on one, will they get pressure of front bringing pressure to terrific changing, looks on third down. All that stuff applies here. I think it's gonna make it a very tough offensive game for or from from the Michigan side of the ball with no questions to the Michigan side of the ball with questions. We saw that on it struggled so mightily last year without Tariq black. I think only two teams in the country had a a lower touchdown percentage than Michigan. That was the. State university of New Jersey and Illinois, not exactly successful teams shape Patterson, good enough to come in there and kinda mask those deficiencies by himself, not having black again or at least the early part of the season. Yeah, that loss of black. It's really, it's really a tough one for the kid in for for Michigan offensively you would think Donovan people's Jones came along as the year, went on grand Perry's and experience more of a slot receiver, the buzz and again, it's who knows, but the buzz has been Meco Collins, strong all receiver limited inexperienced, but it's Nico. Collins can come in and live up to some of his hype and billing them as you. We'll have three receivers. They have the ability with the tight end a couple of times, especially gentry to, you know, flex guys out and use their height as you will have a significant height advantages with some of their receivers on corners. So till today, by the way, chase quite pool of air building. Flex out tight ends as well. I think you see a lot of similarities there both ways. Here's the deal with Paterson. We don't know what the Michigan offense is. Gonna look like if you watch the Amazon series, that was really, really interesting about Michigan football last year. One thing that jumped out at you. There was never great clarity in play call..

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