Rob Northbound, Garrick Johnson, President Trump discussed on Michael Medved


Rob northbound's insistence at on further consideration. It's not him in the racist. Photo that appeared on his nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook. Page is not quieting calls for him to resign. I'm ready to earn your forgiveness. It's too late for that. According to a growing number of Democrats across Virginia as well. As the president of the N, double ACP Garrick Johnson tells ABC's this week, it doesn't matter whether northern is in the photo or not whether he actively participated or passively will was president. He's not one time up until this point acknowledged that this took place objected to that behavior. I think he's still learning but former congressman Jim Moran tells ABC northern does deserve another chance he has the highest motivation imaginable to ensure that his legacy is not defined by a picture as yearbook. I'm Ben Thomas striking workers in the Mexican border city at Matamoros say that they have reached deals with twenty seven forty eight assembly plan. Winning wage increases of twenty percents. Strikers Montemurro south of Brownsville Texas have now reached deals with the majority of the plants were more than twenty five thousand walked out. Recently, the factories make auto parts medical equipment, plastics and other goods more than a third of the city's one hundred and thirty border assembly plants were affected correspondent, Jeremy how senior US and South Korean officials have met to discuss an expected second summit between President Donald Trump at North Korean leader, Kim Jong Hoon chance to have North Korea. Be tremendous economic behemoth. It has a chance to be one of the great economic countries in the world he can't do that with nuclear weapons, and he can't do that on the path. They're on now that audio courtesy of CBS face the nation. The president said last Thursday that he will announce this week the site and date where he will meet.

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