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They played good. You know, they make it tough on on our offense defense and you know, we can never string a place together. I coach, how did the patriots lose this game? Those gray win, obviously for Jacksonville. And I think first and foremost, they got off to a fast start. You know, they jump out to a twenty one, three lead at half the quarterback Bortles. We just talked about him. He played announced, ending football game, four touchdown passes. I think only one turn over three hundred seventy seven yard make great decisions. Got the ball spread around. He was phenomenal. The defense obviously did a great job holding gronk to catches fifteen yards, you know, and then you know, all the criticism that they took in the AFC championship game about getting conservative. You know, they kept the foot on on a gas and they stayed aggressive, and that's why they came away with twin. All credit in the world to the Jacksonville Jaguars who even though Vegas had this is a pick em game. Essentially I thought the pats were going to come in and remind everyone. We're the best team in the AFC Jacksonville, despite all the great story of last year was at ten win team in at the time a week division. I thought we going to be a resetting. Of who's who in the AFC and maybe wasn't resetting. But in the opposite direction that I expected that the Jags out patriot the patriots. The Jags did the score before half get the ball score right after half for a ten point swing. The Jags looked at the pats and said, what do you want to do? What do you do best? Oh, pass rob gronkowski. We are taking that away and seeing if you can beat us with your being see stuff and the patriots couldn't the Jags also most notably coach makes a great point learned from their mistakes. Last year against this team and said, if we lose, it's not going to be because we stopped being aggressive. They were aggressive up to an including up eleven with two and a half minutes left throwing the football as opposed to just playing the clock. Bortles played the best big game. I've ever seen him play keeling. Coal took the insult that he'd been getting league wider in media-wide as far as Jags got no number one receiver made the catch of the year and some huge plays. I. Cannot complement Jacksonville highly enough about how they played start to finish in this football game. I last week's conversation, Nick, you pointed out a couple of times during the press conference. You're like a Chris New England said, this is a big game. Do you? I was like, I'll take note of. And then on Thursday, Friday Brady said, it was a big game. Grunk said it was a big game. Brady said it was a big game. So this is not as if New England will surprise by Jacksonville, they know what's going on in divall county. They realized the personnel and they have a lot of respect for him and for them to do that after you know, New England had a great deal of focus on them to me, that's a credit to Jacksonville and something they should be able to move on going forward. But they're coaching staff being aggressive in their play. Cone, their ability to build a throw a ball on first down nineteen times on first down, they decided to throw almost sixty percent of the time and thirteen times Bortles because it's something have a game plan coach, but. Guys don't execute it. Blake was able to get them and get the ball to the to the offense of weapon to build a take advantage, two things about New England's defense that you should know Logan, Ryan, the corner he can be had their linebackers in man-to-man have never been good. So if you play all that man to man and you can get the ball to your running back to your tidy and take advantage of their lack of coverage skill at their linebacker position. That is the recipe to try to beat New England. Last time, these two teams played. The one knock on Jackson was that they weren't aggressive..

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