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Ethnobotanist richard of in schulte's often called the father of ethno botany. I dropped out of college after my freshman year and started working in a museum at harvard. Essentially as gopher enrolled in a night school course on the botany chemistry of hallucinogenic plants taught by professor shelties himself. And i've been hooked ever since the point of this. Podcast is to teach and to learn about the hallucinogenic empty genyk mind altering substances used by shames and other healers around the world with a heavy emphasis on the rainforest and to be able to share some of what. I've learned some of what i've seen both answers and questions with people who have an interest in this topic. Now i learned from professor. Schulte's if you want to save the rainforests you have to save the indigenous peoples of the rain forest and if you want to save the indigenous peoples of the rainforest you not only have to work in partnership with all of them you particularly have to partner with the shame in themselves. This is what we called bio cultural conservation. It's not about saving rainforests or saving. Shame it's they are intricately linked and if you look at the best rainforest left in the amazon. It tends to be not in national parks but indigenous reserves so indigenous peoples from the view of the amazon conservation team or the glue that holds the forest intact and shame or the glue that holds the indigenous cultures intact when missionaries go in the first person they attack and typically try to undercut is the shame in the medicine manner. Medicine woman who as i said is the cultural glue that holds the the tribe and the tribal culture together and it's the tribal culture that holds the rainforest in place. And we'll be talking more about that to the course of this podcast. Now as i said. I followed in the footsteps of professor. Schulte's who was a pioneer in many aspects of plan to the gods partnering with albert hoffman. The chemist who invented lsd to write the classic book plants of the gods which are highly recommend. Shelties was the first scientist to study. Iowa's go take iowa institute in place in a tribal setting and go through ceremonies many iowa ceremonies with the indigenous peoples themselves. And let me read for you. My favorite quote of shelties on iowa. There's a magic intoxicant in the northwest amazon. In which the indians believe can free soul from corporal confinement and allow it to wander free and return to the body. it will the soul. Bus untrammelled liberates. Its owner from the everyday life and introduces him or her to wondrous realms of what he considers reality and permits him or hurt to communicate with his ancestors. The kitchen term for this abbreviating drink i- awash it divine of the soul and refers to this freeing of the spirit now i oscar and many other hallucinogens. And anthea jen's are coming to the fore studies and we'll get into this and of course the podcast are now indicating that the birth of many if not most religions or rooted in these types of magical plants or other hallucinogenic properties found in fungi and in some cases even animals. There's a new book coming out. Called the immortality key that i recommend by a fellow named brian rura rescue which talks about the origins of christianity and the genetic fungi there indications. Some of the beginnings of judaism may be rooted in these mind altering substances as well. But as i said there's fodder for more discussions of this. The most significant medical development in terms of western medicine recently has been the mainstreaming of hallucinogens into our own western medicine. Hallucinogens are the shamanic medicine. Par excellence but now they're finding their way almost magically almost shimon undecly into very traditional halls of western medicine these hallucinogens in the tropical forest permit medicine men and women to investigate diagnose treat and sometimes cure ailments that have a partial emotional response basis which is why they can sometimes alleviate a medical issue unresponsive to the therapies of western physician in a sense hallucinogens or vegetable or fungal scalpels hs which allow the shame in defined analyzed treat and sometimes cure emotional issues which our own physicians cannot the recent creation of the center for psychedelic consciousness. Research at johns hopkins university supported in part by my buddy tim ferriss as well. As similar efforts underway at other prominent universities like yale and then y you sh- monica medicine is rapidly shifting from being considered unconventional Non-effective primitive to conventional. It is becoming part of conventional medicine many the initial evaluations from the western medical perspective and focused on masculine. Which is of course from mexican. Peyote we'll be talking about later. Podcast suicide simon from magic mushrooms and iowa itself these mind altering remedies have been clinically shown clinically proven to produce promising therapeutic effects in some cases of addiction. Depression and even. Ocd clinicians are equally enthused about the possibilities of experimenting with these therapies to treat ailments as diverse as anorexia early stage alzheimer's insomnia and even ptsd one of the most terrible afflictions of our troops. The late stanislav graaf a pioneer in the field of psychotherapy. I love this quote was fond of saying that psychedelics or to psychology the same way. The telescopes are to astronomy. Microscopes are to the study of bacteria this newfound interest in a hallucinogenic. Therapies is not only improving our understanding of the human mind it also driving an enhanced appreciation.

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