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Jay, jay. Got it. Hello J. Got tonight. I'm doing well. Good morning. All right. We're supposed to avoid drinking water and anything else. While on a flight says who it's a study that we came out this last whiz late last week that basically studied the fact as far as the nutrition and different things on the aircraft. But it also said that we should avoid tap water coffee and tea because there could be harmful bacteria in the water becomes from. It's basically stored in the airplanes tanks because they're finding out that this harmful bacteria is there because airlines do dot empty those water tanks, very often. And because they don't the water's just sitting there for long periods of time in what has been called not so clean tanks. So yeah. So their delegates to avoid the water. The tap water the coffee and the tea then American Airlines is accused of elderly abuse. Yup. Man. Took his mother sixty seven years old. With Parkinson's disease and a lady that had very hard time communicating to the Chicago airport. He was allowed to take her to the gate, and then basically just left her with the American Airlines there for her flight that was scheduled later. He leaves the airport. The flight ended up getting canceled in the lady basically is left at the gate overnight at Chicago, apparently, the porter and other people tried to talk with are able to communicate with her the guy shift was over he left the son in the family are going nuts on American Airlines, which certainly is responsible. But Mike if he ever take anyone to the airport, please never ever ever ever leave them at the airport until that the airplane has been aborted pulls away from the gate. It happens far too often. But we've got some additional details as well. As video of the sun blaming American Airlines when he shares some of the blame on our aviation blog today, which is made possible by the.

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