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This is the tom harbin program bottom back tom urban here with you and having lost by one she there we go what a what a crazy day it is not a crazy day it's it's it's actually a beautiful day in many ways wayne per cell is with us he is the presidency over the humane society of the united states humane societyorg is the website wayne welcome to the program utah i'm glad to be worth you so happy to have you with us the trumpet ministration is blowing up the organic rules told me about this yeah well many of your listeners are familiar with the organic seal if you go into a supermarket you know or other food rate retail place and you see an organic label from the us department of agriculture and actually guarantees you that the pro whose or the animal products that you're purchasing have certain standards that farmers that here too so one of the things that we commonly associated that the that the products on pesticides on them or that beef or pork doesn't have antibiotics or hormones given to the in the production process so that label and the original definition dates back to where i'm 1990 after the congress passed the statue essentially creating the organic label you see what through a pretty extensive lawmaking process to define the terms or getting farmers were taught to throughout the process consumers were talked to so that's been in place for quite a while so nearly three decades early in that process there was an acknowledgement that there needed to be a second wave of examination of the definition because centrally when it came to animal welfare even though that was part of the original statute that said organic had to mean that the animals were well cared for and well treated the only standard was basically a nebulous standards that the animals have to have some access to the outdoors didn't find it so after about fifteen years of action on this issue last january a year ago exactly you go just before the obama administration turned over the keys to the trumpet ministry and they made final a rule making process to upgrade the.

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