Aretha Franklin dead at 76: celebrities pay tribute to Queen of Soul


Jennifer Hudson is playing Aretha Franklin and a bio pic about her. Life Jennifer Hudson, is you, know one and Oscar and a Golden Globe and a sag award for her role in. Dreamgirls she won those awards for best supporting, actress and that was her first role was playing EFI white in. Dreamgirls and so at the time you know that they would be deciding about an Aretha Franklin. Bio-pic they knew that she had the chops to be able to act it and to sing. It so it seems like a very logical. Choice I loved. It Aretha Franklin was, like I want somebody who will play the. Role don't bother me if you think you're this person would be good at. It if you don't have the confidence to play the, role then why are you gonna play me because I had. Confidence, next I love that is a level of that is like, the Of diva somebody who's you, know she understands what she you know that not only does she understand her own greatness she. Understands the greatness, required of a person that is going to deign to play her on this.

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