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News and WSB triple team three efficient, and they helped me get through traffic in a fast and easy way. SP everyday. Northeast quarter. That's the that's the snake bit Quadra to the morning drive here. The overturned fucking pushed out of the way. We'll talk about the backups the rest of the morning commute less than three minutes at six forty WSB. Temperatures sixty three expectant father is facing criminal charges. He tries to reach the hospital to be at his wife side WSB's Michelle Wright reports to women in Cobb County say he pointed at gun at them MARCY. That's right. It's the Kobe knew dad's wait for it's time for the baby to come. That's the call Christopher Moseley receive. So he jumped in his car and tried to make it for the birth. However, he hits traffic on the east west connector, and I'll still the anxiety and frustration get to him. And he starts waving his gun at drivers. Like this woman who called nine one one quite scares. Listen, I'm going to get an officer out there to meet with, you know, mostly admits he did flashes gun, but says it wasn't loaded. He was just trying to get to his wife. He's now facing charges of pointing a gun and is out on bond. Reporting live, Michelle Wright, WSB South Korean battery maker faces allegations of stealing trade secrets just a month after announcing plans to build a massive factory ninety five in commerce South Korean rival of s K innovation. Asa federal judge to block S K. From importing lithium ion batteries and other quit into the US. So far, no comment from the governor's office, which touted the plan factory saying it will lead to two thousand new job. Does it again for the Braves? Terrorists. That's from Fox Sports homers for the third time in two games and rookie pitcher Mike saroka gets the win. The Braves beat the Padres three two one two teams tonight at SunTrust park. Wsb News time six forty one Philly. Our the rest of the weather news in full of snow in the tulips in Chicago and flooding rain impossibilities of severe weather bureau. Mellish joins us.

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