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Not Oklahoma's first news on this Friday. Stacey Hollywood Oklahoma City animal welfare is with us as usual and Stacey you've got a good looking female dog today. I brought you a border collie real deal here. She is this is Katie. She's nine months old. So she's a black with white border. Collie got all the classic border collie looks and she's very affectionate. Yes. She is. We actually funny story on her. We found her in the parking lot of the shelter. So somebody probably drove at dropped her off, which is a no no don't do that. But you know, what would happen grabbed her obviously, somebody wanted to have a good home. But just didn't spend the time to bring her inside. Just take five minutes just come on in. And she is now ready to find her new forever hall. She is she's a Spade and recovered from her surgery. She got all her shots. She's passed her health checks. She has microchip in there. And so she's ready to go. You can rent a rent? Adopted talk like this for just sixty bucks at the shelter to get a really good really good deal on forever. And she's ready. She's trainable. I'm telling you this dog is this a frisbee dog. This is a dog. She's very motivated to learn. All right. Very nice. And then now you the guy that we had with us last week. Oh, yes. Didn't last Goldie lasted thirty minutes. We open for adoption at twelve thirty had already at twelve. So really she lasted about five minutes from opening and she was had forever home. So thank you very much for those who came by. There's like four or five people came out right away. It's probably more throughout the day. Sorry, you're disappointed. But I warned. And that that happens sometimes with you know, because we hear it, Katie. Okay. And then you guys are on our sister stations. Also k x y and k j you make other stops around with other media. So I mean, you know, where he gets out. We're covering it. Pretty yeah. You know, we're focusing on this one pet of the week, but we have hundreds of able option and cats were coming in now against or have another kitten season's getting ready to start running. So if you're looking for a cat combined ceus, we're going to be out and about in the community want to talk. Yeah. I know the the weather's going to be a little sketchy this weekend. But where are you guys gonna be if the weather's permitting and everything's good has been pretty bad the slowest down, but we'll be in midwest city on Saturday from eleven to four at the PetSmart that's on southeast twenty nine that's eleven to four on Sunday PetSmart opens her doors res- again on I two forty and pin will be there from ten thirty to three thirty again, weather permitting. We'll have our big RV, and you can check out that beautiful equipment and check out. What's inside? You never know what you'll find. Well. And that's always a that's a great service that you guys do now with the weather, and you know, I mean, we're still who knows what may really happen. But it looks like it's going to be unpleasant. At least as far as temperatures are concerned, we could see record cold here in the Oklahoma City area. And so I I wanted to just you know, you give our reminder we've done this many times. But people tend to forget, it's always a good thing that side. It's a great thing to talk about. So I heard Sutton few minutes ago when I was listening talk about eight degrees low on Monday or a high. I guess that's. So we're subzero. So if you do have outdoor pets that are outdoor pets, you need to make sure they have some extra bedding we like, hey or wood chips are good. But Hayes really the best that what they want to scratch around it. They can they won't drag it out like a blanket. But if it's a blanket, it's a blanket, maybe put a blanket over the door to your outdoor shelter to keep.

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