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Control and Prevention has downgraded the minimum level of recommended protection twice according to Kensington with national nurses united. Congress needs to intervene. We need an Osha. Temporary Emergency Standard. That will tell hospitals. They have to have the highest level of personal protective equipment. That will actually do the job. Keeping HEALTHCARE WORKER SAVED. He says the. Cdc has told hospitals. It is permissible for healthcare workers to wear surgical masks. Bandanas or scarves when treating suspected or confirmed Khalid nineteen patients. The latest house version of the Soviet nineteenth stimulus package had a provision that would require protections for healthcare workers. The Senate version at that point did not Colorado's community. Health centers have done a complete re figuring of their health delivery models in response to Cova nineteen and are set to take enormous hit in their ability to continue to provide care if the congress does not approve critical funding polly Anderson the Colorado community health network says centers also. Don't have enough personal protection. Gear for workers or enough testing kits. Health centers need immediate fund to stay operational to continue to serve on the front lines of this public health crisis. We also need Congress to act and reauthorize the federal funding for this program. So that we're not in a month among situation when we're most needed federal. Stopgap funding for centers passed in December but is set to expire on May. Twenty second and Anderson says many staff could face furloughs without additional support. I'm Eric Gladys and is says hell centers that serve Colorado's regardless of their ability to pay will continue to do all they can. This.

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