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By Wilcox. Family Farms. Let's get to the top stories. The virtual Senate is holding a hearing today. Louis to Joy, Postmaster General Is among several fuzzy heads and torsos on a zoom call Right now, he says he had no idea that blue mailboxes and postal sorting machines were being removed until the public uproar began. So this morning's hearing is all about Assurances. Senator Maggie Hassan is Democrat of New Hampshire inspector general found that facilities typically process political male as first class mail delivering more than 95% of election male with 123 days for the 2018 midterms. Yes or no? Will you commit to the goal of delivering at least 95% of election mail within 1 to 3 days this year, the same as the Postal Service did in 2018. Yes, ma'am. Thank you. Well, you have been reassured. Wisconsin's Ron Johnson share of the Governmental Affairs Committee wanted some numbers on capacity ahead of the election it can use talk about and assure the American public in this committee that the postal system has mohr than enough capacity to handle the number of balance. It's is really a matter of election officials. Understanding what delivery capabilities are Yes, sir. We have more way delivered 233 million pieces of mail a day. So 150 million ballots. 160 million balance over a course of Ah Ah, week is a very, very small now adequate capacity mail volume is down a Zeus said 13 14% this year. Plus as identified earlier in the week. We will have additional resource is on standby. And if everyone complies with with the with the with the male process that we've been identifying they're will be absolutely no issue and we are weak. There's there's slack in the system. And additional processes that we were deployed in and around the election that will carry a good part of any deviations, Teo to get through. We are perfectly the Postal Service stands ready. Our board of directors stand ready. And there was Oklahoma Republican Jim Langford asking this hard hitting question Christmas and Mother's Day or the biggest capacity times from first class mail. Do you have capacity now for Christmas and Mother's Day? Wait. We have Yes, we have capacity for Christmas and Mother's Day. Good to know. And the hearing continues in the virtual Senate this morning, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is having a moment. This is our moment. This is our mission. His speech of the convention last night sounded a lot like another moment last spring, when one Jay Inslee announce his run for the White House..

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