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General agenda is going to the rowing up money at that age. She's ready is throwing but she's I can't even like, it's not even possible to imagine. How much money she will have can own. Basically, everything anything she wants a man at that point. I'd be I don't even know what I want because I can have everything it's insane. You know, what else is insane? And I I'm just bringing this up because it's one of those things we've talked about. And you said like people always tell me, I look like certain people don't friend. I kid you not. I've actually started screen shotting it because I knew you wouldn't believe me. Well, just because you've got an every single celebrity that's ever existed screen shotting this because it's fucking every time we talk about somebody. And you're like, you know, one time somebody told me that I like this at one time, though, people keep tacking Kylie jenner's posts and saying that I look exactly like Jenner. I do not look like highly Jenner friend. I look I screen shot one. Because I knew that you would look at me like I'm fucking nuts. Look, this looks exactly like you. Somebody tags me in college owners picture. It's happened. Like three times, you can't say, I see it either too. I mean, obviously, neither do I friend. Like do. I think I look like. Fucking Kylie Jenner. No, not at all. I literally think the one similarity is as you guys take good self. He's like you like you take a great selfish. You a great selfie. But people are writing look exact same. Maybe. Yeah. I friend three people this past weekend. I got tagged Kylie jenner's post. There's another one father kelce on Instagram. People say, that's me and Kelly Jenner combined. I got that. I don't know. That is I get it all the time people tag me. And I'm just like. I am I seeing myself totally differently because in no way, shape or form. No. You're definitely not. I. I'm telling you from the outside that there is there's no way out. I don't know. It's really funny to me the whole thing is so funny to me wait here. Okay. Me and Kylie Jenner combined. Sure. I got that one all the time. It's I'm going to start really like clocking it in like writing down every time. Somebody tells me because it's getting weird. I said I told the same thing I think this weekend. He's got don't believe you. And then somebody tagging me like later, and I was like look somebody said, it's great fun facts. But yeah, I just don't I don't see it that this checking to see what you're talking about. Yeah. I don't know. I just had to throw that out there because we're talking about gender, and I don't see it. I don't get it. Yeah. That's like somebody telling me that I looked like him Kardashian. You know, like, we look totally different looks. It's I mean, it's like if somebody talked me into picture of of like beyond saying it was like this. We're like Margot friend be Margot Robbie this looks like totally like not. But thank you, literally not one shared feature. I I don't know. I don't know. I bet you saw the proof. I showed it screen shot..

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