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Live Beth Fisher, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty maybe illegal now in Michigan. But that did not stop a big pot bust in Oakland County sheriff Mike Bouchard says the going operation and a Pontiac warehouse was not legal currently you can smoke and grow up at twelve pant plants have recreational marijuana. But you cannot sell it until licenses were handed out sharply. Chard says the bust netted more than four hundred pounds of marijuana seventy one pounds of hash oil and two hundred and fifty plants charges in this case are pending a horrible accident. You heard about I yesterday on W w j is still being investigated near the Michigan Ohio border. One man is dead and two others injured after a series of chain-reaction crashes along I seventy five just north of the Michigan. Border. Erie township police chief dean Ansel says it all began when a dump truck calling waste from Ohio. Michigan lost. It's load along the freeway. There was along I seventy five northbound south of summit street. You just lost a small portion of the load, but it was enough to cause a road area to be slick then the chain reaction starts of the other vehicle. Pulling the trailer to hit it slide outta control. If the ways Trump a one man was hurt in that crash than Justice police cleaned it up a semi plowed into another semi killing the driver. The victim of fifty one year old man from Detroit the man in the semi. He crashed into was also injured. I seventy five northbound had to stay closed at some street through about eight thirty last night w w chase Jim Matthews. We are expected a little more this morning about big changes coming to a local college officials at Baker college have announced that the three campuses and Clinton township Allen park in Auburn Hills will be consolidated into one state of.

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