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Jacksonville Jaguars shot estimated net worth is in the billions with a B. or talking super ball we're talking the big game it's going to generate more revenue on a single day any other sporting event in history but in the early nineteen sixties football was still looking for an audience the first Super Bowl ever was held in nineteen sixty seven for the first time the Green Bay Packers champions of the National Football League play in the Kansas City Chiefs the best team in the American football the American Football League or the AFL used to be a rival league to the NFL in the sixties and the Oakland Raiders were actually an AFL team and that's when they recruited Tom Flores he became the first starting Latino quarterback to play professional football the readers would quickly grow a Die Hard fan base and both Oakland and Los Angeles where they were based for over a decade Spanish speaking fans of the raiders call them just might also which translates to the bad guys Tom Flores has been a big part of the raider nation for over thirty years as a player coach and broadcaster he has won four Superbowl rings the model of the right and once again coach Tom forays fulfilled a commitment in the Superbowl I sit down to talk with Tom floors about his career and.

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