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This is the mid east peace podcast i am your host molly livingstone and we are dying right in i had the honor and privilege of interviewing k wilson and that's not sarcasm that's genuine a woman that survived a terrorist attack and that does no justice to her story the person she has become she's like modern day gandhi she really is if you don't believe me just listen in and afterwards you're welcome i am here with k wilson in what sounds like an echo bare room because it is pretty much just that don't have a lot of things to you k books these puppy you're making out with your dog that is that part of the ptsd jinx no just let bonding well k wilson you are best known as surviving a terrorist attack before that you were like an average person below average even though i actually i always excelled average an average that king you here by the way ks many bracelets yeah it's not like i haven't arrested her she's not in trouble yet not yet there's no sound handcuffs before what year was it lets into okay before two thousand and ten you our tour guide you lived in israel you moved from england here many many years ago showing off the land the people how wonderful everything is and there was a day in december that your life changed yes what i was taking my christian american friend for hike christine lucan and they're on chabad autumn day were accosted by two palestinian terrorists howled it my point for half an hour they found wise riley id i seemed christine was also jewish and i tied up gagged this and started hacking with machetes and christine was trump top before my eyes and i played that sustained 'certain machete wounds and thirty broken bones you just say at like you've said it i know you've said it a million times like i read out shopping list yeah you have to do it like that yeah i can't afford to let myself h tom i speak about it at shauwie emotionally go there it's too big and i'm not a psychopath is just a case of how come out yet this is the case out to communicate this without chunking up and in doing that obviously couldn't go back to being a tour guide first of all physically yeah but emotionally and mentally die here in a day they're right but when you are trying to pick up the pieces of your life and recuperate the fact that you survived that and the way you just said it i know i'm like rushing through it and the audience is probably way way woman stabbed practically to death watches her friend also die survives by you essentially crawled out of the four when they left i didn't they will go and actually what happens is they were just a few feet away terrorists having a smoke they did not have still alive i didn't know they would dead so i mean they were there that was freudian i have better that's how i rooted helena turkish prison no so i got up and i didn't crawl but i won't step by step for over mild until i found help i must tell people this too because they will coat due to the fact that i stopped one with my pen knife very lightly in the knots yeah yeah yes i could be aggressive i want but he bled in his blood on my sleeve the police they checked my clothes for some hope for his dna or idea and that's how that's how they were so they work hot i will note those ferenza forensic evidence was no doubt they'd murdered somebody else before ten months previously and face them in court what terrorist group was this fattah fatah i say say i am of us who is the current anyhow tinian president yes he's the current inciter at the moment the one who's responsible for.

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