Steven & Seth Help Me Learn My Enneagram Type (Part 2 of 2)



It. So anyway, that's that's why stressed the value of an actual conversation yet, right? Yeah. This was really, really valuable can plug up our podcast again. That's why part of the purchase that we take is where we're trying to find people like you who are different parts in their journey, like some people who haven't even been typed, we type them on on the episode, other people baby working with it for a year or two. And so they know little bit that we can kind of help encourage them on where they might go next with it. I mean, I'd like to get some people who have more than us and and and are able to teach us a few things that may be tell us where to go next to write all the road under our kids. Yeah, yes. With the integral podcasts that I've listened to already is you dealing with people who've been doing it for thirty years already in they know all their stuff I want. I want to engage people from a lot of different places and Ryan do learn from them, but also just see where they're at in their journey and listen to their story. And I think I think it's super useful for people to hear right now where your app like and to hear us go through this and the way we talk about it. Yeah. And here here, I think that if all you know about the Ingraham is what you've read on Twitter, you're probably not integrate place than that. Not yet. It's fair. I mean that that's the thing that is bad, but you need more, right? Yeah, that's the thing about about those sort of like, you know, you get these little touches here and there, and he knows referring to something really deep that's happening elsewhere. But those conversations because they're referential, because they're referring to someone else's deep experience or personal research or whatever it might be. It's hard to access that which is why this has been so fruitful and I'm very thankful that that you guys took the time out of your evening to to walk me through this because this was this was extremely helpful get. I'm glad. Well, it'll be interesting to see. You know, as you sit with this and continue to discern explored on your own, it'll be interesting to see after a while where you're at with it. And yeah, maybe new insights, maybe you'll realize that we're calling all wear barking up the wrong tree or maybe you realize that this is good and we can take a step deeper and see what happens. It'll be interesting to hear your feedback. Yeah. So I've, I've got some homework to to think about things a bit more. And then we'll loop back around here in the. Near future and and revisit that. Now has your has your podcast launched or do you have a launch window? We point the we will launch by the time you hear this goes, but that's the plan. Awesome. Awesome. And where can, where can people find you online? Well, they can find me as a Seth harsh Mun dot com. And I'm actually. Just starting to try to any grand things fulltime. So seminars, workshops and individual coaching. Awesome. I'm working towards getting my license in as a life coach and it'll be a lot of like India, Graham based coaching, and so they'll be able to find that stuff is Seth Hartman dot com. I'm on Twitter at. As harsh men. And then the the podcast is the nine podcast. There's a for that while at night podcast also in podcast, that's a the number numeral. Nine? Yeah, EAC new nine? Yes. As a Hindi short hand for ideogram in Hon. Great, Steve. Do you have any any place people can find you online? Yeah. He can find my. Odd and hopefully insightful. Twitter feed at at skeptical, underscore monk because skeptical mystic was taken, and I had a figure. Underscore. And then I've got this funny YouTube channel where I'm trying to upload things that are thought provoking challenging. Maybe hopefully encouraging which again is skeptical mystic. If you're searching on YouTube on pretty small, so you might wanna throw. Quotation marks around it when you searched for it, but often. Yup. And, and Steve also had a series with me talking about mysticism in crystal traditional specifically in that's in this feet as well. So also, yes. Well, again, thank you Seth in Steve for taking your evening and setting aside to to go through this because it it was very helpful for me, and I am very happy to be able to sort of present this to people within the feed and then loop back with you soon too. Yeah, privilege. Yeah, thank you for the upper tune ity. It means a lot to us. We appreciate it. Of course.

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